Brides To Be Are Getting Dermal Piercings Instead Of Engagement Rings

Bridal trends come and go and no bridal tradition, no matter how important, is safe from being changed. Wedding dresses aren’t always white nowadays, wedding cakes are now not cakes but could be just wheels of cheese and now engagement rings are getting a controversial trend upgrade.

Instead of someone getting down on one knee and popping the question with a blingy expensive ring people are gettingĀ dermal piercings on their ring finger instead of an engagement ring.

The piercing looks like the diamond is floating on the ring finger, as opposed to being attached to a ring.

Dermals are not easy piercings to get. According to The Independent, a finger dermal is “typically made up of two pieces of jewelry consisting of a flat piece of metal that sits beneath the skin’s surface and a visible stud can be changed just like any other body piercing.”

It’s not shocking that dermal engagement piercings are the new trend. Septum piercings and have multiple ear piercings are totally in right now. It’s the natural succession of things. Avocados are trendy, so people started proposing with them. Body piercings are trendy, so people are getting pierced instead of putting on a ring.

Getting a dermal piercing isn’t a walk in the park. According to Bustle, a main medical concern is the tissue damage from the piercing. “If not installed properly, the piercing could potentially damage surrounding nerves or blood vessels.”

Another risk is the placement of the anchor, the flat piece of metal that sits under the skin. If the anchor is placed too shallow is could potentially move around under the skin. if the anchor is placed too deep the skin could form around it and cause it to be embedded.

Dermals should be done be seasoned vets so your anchor is perfectly placed. On top of that it’s super easy to get snagged and became infected so hygiene and caution is key.

Getting a dermal piercing is definitely a cheaper alternative to a blingy ring, but still be wary about the new trend.

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