Emily Blunt & John Krasinski Offer A Double Date In This Adorable Video

As if Hollywood couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski weren’t already giving us major #relationshipgoals, the couple we all love to ship over is offering a double date to one lucky fan, and they are doing it the most adorable way ever!


In an endearingly sweet (and comical) YouTube video, Emily Blunt and her hubby John Krasinski are offering one lucky fan “the best double date ever” with the release of the couple’s latest movie, A Quiet Place.

The couple partnered with Omaze, an online fundraising platform where winners are selected from the pool of participants who donate to a specific cause. The prizes range from merchandise to “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences or in this case, a chance to walk the red carpet and go on a double date with one of Hollywood’s favorite couples, ya know, NBD. For as little as a $10 donation toward Blunt and Krasinski’s fundraising page, contenders are basically entering in for a chance to experience one of if not the best double date of their lives.


The proceeds from the donations will benefit the Malala Fund, an organization that advocates for safe, accessible secondary education opportunities for young women. If you’re interested in potentially winning the double date of a lifetime(and donating to a great cause), candidates can enter Blunt and Krasinski’s fundraising giveaway through their Omaze page.

In addition to scoring a  double-date with Blunt and Krasinski, the selected winner will also have the opportunity to join the couple on the red carpet at A Quiet Place’s premiere, as well as during the event’s after-party. Omaze will fly the winner (and their plus one) to New York City and sponsor their stay in a 4-star hotel!

If that doesn’t sound like the best date, ever we don’t know what does. Who would you take with you if you won an opportunity to go on a double-date with your favorite celebrity couple?

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