Sonic Is Dropping A Pickle Juice Cone Slush This Summer And Twitter Is Divided

Sonic is what one might call a slush aficionado, with Jolly Ranchers, rainbow candies, and a slew of flavor options on its ever-expanding menu — but its most divisive new slush option by far is its Pickle Juice Cone Slush.

Food & Wine’s Maria Yagoda reported that the fast food chain will unveil the pickle juice slush in June, bringing the acidic, briny snack to the masses. While news of the new drink has been met with both wildly positive and negative reactions online, Yagoda promises it’s a good addition to the menu.

The beverage is reportedly “bright green,” “sweet and tangy,” and — perhaps most importantly — “surprisingly delicious,” if a bit too sugary. Yagoda sampled it at Sonic’s headquarters in Oklahoma City. A member of Sonic told the outlet that the pickle syrup can be added to “anything, once it’s officially rolled out,” which could be either inspiring or terrifying depending on the consumer.

As with pickles themselves, the masses are split on whether this development is a tasty one. Some are delirious with excitement, already imagining the tangy beverage melting in their mouths on a sweltering July afternoon (or pickle syrup on their cheeseburgers).

Others are less enthused about the prospect of a pickle-flavored slush.

The drinks will debut at Sonics everywhere in June.

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