Season 2 Of ’13 Reasons Why’ Will Be Adding Trigger Warnings From Its Cast Members

13 Reasons Why debuted last year not without controversy, but one thing is clear, it got people talking.

Centered around serious issues that plague adolescents as well as the suicide of protagonist Hannah Baker, the show addressed problems that other productions have shied away from or muted. Some have stated that some scenes were too graphic, while others have condemned it for what it could trigger. While the show’s fans and critics might never agree, the show reminds us all of the importance of mental health. Fictional or not, 13 Reasons Why isn’t sweeping issues under the rug and is going to a place others haven’t.


While there are still a few months until the season two premiere, one thing will be different from the first season. Short clips of the cast members, including Katherine Langford, Dylan Minnette and Alisha Boe among others, will be played before each episode to serve as warnings. These videos will also be added to season one’s episodes.

The cast members implore viewers to evaluate whether or not they should be watching the show and asks them to get the help they need whether it’s regarding suicide, assault or substance abuse. The cast also lists a resource that viewers can reach out to, 13ReasonsWhy.Info.

The show is continuing to open the discussion instead of just airing the episodes and leaving viewers to interpret how they please. Season one had an after-show titled Beyond the Reasons in which producer Selena Gomez, cast members, and mental health experts sat down to analyze the show’s events and why the issues need to be acknowledged. Season two will be maintaining the tradition. While it looks like season two of 13 Reasons Why won’t exactly be downplaying the shock factor, these new resources will hopefully be reshaping the show’s delivery in a positive way.

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