This Teen Crashed Her Car Into The DMV During Her Driver’s Test & Probably Didn’t Pass?

Taking a driver’s test is a harrowing, nerve-wracking experience for many teens. 16-year-olds worry that they won’t pass, that they’ll do something totally embarrassing, that they’ll panic and turn the wrong way on a one-way. Still, regardless of embarrassing driver’s test anecdotes, one Minnesota teen may have taken the crown by pushing drive instead of reverse and flooring it through the DMV building itself.

In a national news story that sounds more like the plot of a sitcom episode than real life, a 17-year-old girl crashed through the DMV building on March 21 while beginning her driver’s test. Unfortunately for her, the Buffalo Police Department in Minnesota has immortalized the incident for all time.

“The impact caused significant damage to the vehicle and building,” their Facebook post reads. “The license examiner, a 60 year old female from Buffalo, MN, was transported by ambulance to the Buffalo Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The 17 year old driver was not injured and no one in the building was injured. No charges are pending.”

Okay, so this girl PROBABLY didn’t pass her driver’s test (and will no doubt be mercilessly mocked by family and friends for the rest of time). but we’re glad everyone is okay and no charges are being pressed. In the words of Cher Horowitz: “Oops, my bad!”

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