Demi Lovato Has A Finsta & Now We Want One

Demi Lovato is no stranger to Instagram. Between sliding into DMs and posting thirst traps, Demi knows the ins and outs of everyone’s favorite app. A trend that is becoming increasingly popular is to create a Finsta, a fake Instagram.

A Finsta is a private Instagram that only your super close friends are allowed to follow. Becuase the only people following your account is your inner circle you are free to post whatever you want! Be messy as you want! And spill some juicy gossip! No one cares about how your grid looks, if your photo has the right filter or if your caption is fire when it comes to Finsta posting.

Finsta’s take every rule of Instagramming and throws it out the window. Rinsta’s, real Instagrams, are to display all the picturesque highlights of your life, while Finsta’s are just to display your real life.

Finsta’s are hard to find, it’s all about word of mouth. But fans have discovered Demi Lovato’s Finsta. The Tell Me You Love Me singer’s Finsta handle is @Mm_82092. I’m not sure what the double M’s stand for but the numbers at the end represent her birthday, August 20, 1992.

Even though we can’t see any of Demi’s posts we can see she posts a lot. Her Finsta has over 1,000 posts and only a small 97 followers. If you request to follow Demi’s account and don’t know her personally I wouldn’t get your hopes high that she will accept. Her Finsta bio says, “You can leak my pictures, but you can’t leak my captions 🙃 pri·va·cy ˈprīvəsē/ noun the state of being free from public attention.”

In September 2017 her bio called out a follower for leaking her “PRIVATE pics”.

It’s not known when Demi’s Finsta was created, but she definitely still uses it. Lauren Jauregui (RIP Fifth Harmony) just started following Demi’s Finsta. Based on Instagram’s feature that allows you to see mutual followers and searching through celebrities “following”section I found some other celebs following her Finsta. Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas are also following her Finsta.

There isn’t too much info out there about other celebrity Finsta accounts. A few celebs have talked about having their Instagram’s set to private, but those aren’t technically a Finsta. A Finsta is a secondary account, not your only account.

Demi having a Finsta gives me hope that there are other celeb Finstas out there that I can boldly (and drunkenly) hit the request button and get denied. Just remember that if for some reason you get accepted these photos are private, so respect that.


Lovato has apparently changed the handle of her Finsta account. We don’t have an update about what her new handle is.

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