You Have To See This Video Of Howard Students Singing Rihanna To Protest Stolen Financial Aid

Rihanna’s music isn’t just for blasting at a party, it’s the perfect soundtrack when you’re protesting your school about financial aid. Financial aid is a make-or-break situation. With student loans at an all-time high and an increasing tuition rate comes a high chance of debt if students don’t have financial aid to help pay for their education.

At Howard University financial aid funds were found to be misused by employees leading to the firing of six employees. A statement made by President Frederick reported that from 2007 to 2016, some employees received an inappropriate amount of grants and tuition remission in a total that exceeded the cost of tuition.

Students are now protesting the administration for mishandling financial aid and letting the student body down.

In a video that now has almost four million views, you can see the students holding a rally and singing Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money”. RiRi clearly approves the students using her track as their anthem as she retweeted the video.

Of course, the rally wouldn’t be complete without some Swag Surfing. The entire protest has no doubt brought the student body closer together.

Students wrote in a statement, “Throughout its history, Howard University has failed to prioritize the interests of its student body, and we refuse to suffer the impact of administrative negligence in silence.”

The document touches on several topics, from calling for more flexible housing guidelines, the halt of tuition hikes, more effort in ending rape culture and more resources in aiding mental health. They also want the resignation of President Frederick.

Students are protesting by occupying the floors of the administration buildings, even overnight, and one video took place in the President’s office. The administration has been fighting back as it was reported that they shut off air conditioning to deter students from staying. However, the students are making waves as classes in one building were canceled due to the protests.

Amidst the recent protests concerning gun control spread throughout the nation, it’s great to see young generations taking matters into their hands and speaking out on top of taking action. While it’s unclear when a sufficient resolution can be made, Howard University’s students are inspiring students across the country to effect change.

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