10 Things That Are Childish AF That Still Bother Us Even Though We’re Grown

As we get older, part of the ways that we mature into responsible adults is that we learn what does and doesn’t matter. With so much going on in our lives it becomes virtually impossible to nitpick and let every little thing bother us. Holding grudges and not letting go of things or what certain people do(or don’t do) to gets exhausting and old AF QUICK.

While we learn to let certain things go as we get older there are still some things that, as childish as they seem, we just can’t look to let go of no matter how old we are.


Take a look at these petty things we can’t seem to let go of even though we are grown-ups.

1. When no one laughs at your jokes.

I mean we’re no Kevin Hart or Tiffany Haddish, but it sure does sting our egos when not even our besties or our parents laugh at our corny jokes. Considering how difficult it is to be both witty and look beautiful at the same time, a pity laugh wouldn’t kill ya.

2. When someone cuts you in line.

Not only is this one childish because you literally learn this as a child, but it’s rude AF. Did you not see us standing in line like everyone else?¬†Unless you’re Queen Bey herself (which we would think that even she would stand in the Target line if need be), you gotta wait your turn like everyone else.

3. When your friends make plans without you.

This one is not only rude and petty, but it’s hurtful. There’s nothing like finding out that your besties all made plans intentionally and totally left you off the “Do Not Invite” list or the “We Forgot You” (Which is complete BS BTW) list. We get it, sometimes shit happens every once in a while, but if it happens a bit too often a serious conversation DEFINITELY needs to happen.

4. When someone takes your turn at bowling.

Sure this one is a bit childish but if the person who takes your turn is a terrible person who’s been getting gutters all night OR if you’re somewhat of a competitor than someone accidentally taking your turn during bowling can be super frustrating and throw your game off.

5. When someone mimicks you.

Twitter @mOcKiNgSpOnGeBoB

Sure the Spongebob mimick meme is hilarious, but when your friends or family do it, it sure as hell doesn’t seem as funny as it sounds and looks.

6. When someone forgets your birthday.

This one also stings,¬†especially if it’s a close friend or loved one. Considering how Facebook makes it virtually impossible for you to forget someone’s birthday by sending you reminders, it’s a little frustrating-even more so if you make it a point to wish everyone you know a happy birthday.

7. When your pet ignores your affection.

Nothing stings as bad when your pet throws you shade and ignores you when you try and give or get some affection from them.

8. When you forget your lunch at home.

This is super aggravating because now you have to run out during your break and spend the money you were hoping to save by bringing your lunch from home that’s sitting on the kitchen counter still.

9.When someone only reaches out to you when they want something.

With so many fake friends showing us nothing but “fake love,” nothing is as irritating as those “friends” who only reach out to you when they want or need something from you.

10. When someone ignores your texts but posts on social media.

Almost equally as irritating and straight up rude is when you text someone and you can clearly tell they’ve ignored you because they continue to post on Snapchat and Instagram. Umm shade much?


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