Twitter Is In Love With This New ASOS Swimsuit Model

Consumers are always asking and begging popular brands to expand their sizes and have plus-size models show off their plus-size clothes. So many times brands have gone out of their way to not higher plus-size models. Like the one time, a brand put a thin model in a pair of plus size tights and had her stretch them out with her hands to show that they really are plus size. It would have been easier to, I don’t know, just hire a plus-size model.

ASOS has set the new standard when it comes to plus size modeling. Vivian Eyo-Ephraim has become a Twitter sensation overnight thanks to her new ASOS bathing suit shoot.

Not only does she looks great and is wearing yellow, the new trendiest color (RIP millennial pink), but finally some real body representation is happening.

THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO SEE!!!!! @ASOS 😍😩🙌🏽😍😩🙌🏽😍😩🙌🏽

— Grace ☾ (@GraceFVictory) March 29, 2018

An actual real-life plus-size model who has thick thighs, a belly and can rock a bikini! So many plus-size clothes are billowy fabrics in dark colors that are meant to hide curves. It’s very rare you see plus-size clothes celebrate curves let alone have a curvy girl wear a string bikini.

This @ASOS Curve model is 🔥🌝

— George (@FFigureFBust) March 28, 2018

According to Cosmopolitan, Eyo-Ephraim only signed with her modeling agency seven months ago. Now her images have been going viral.

So many black women are sharing these glorious pics on their Instagram stories. More of @Vivs_x please @ASOS 😘

— vic sanusi (@victoriasanusi) March 29, 2018

ASOS has typically been at the forefront of body diversity and representation. They swore off airbrushing their models, especially their stretch marks.

Body representation does matter. There’s going to be so many curvy babes in bikinis this season because of Eyo-Ephraim and we can’t wait.

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