Save Your Cash & Read This Thread Of Glossier Dupes

Glossier is every millennials’ go to beauty and skincare line. But Glossier prices aren’t kind on one’s bank account. It’a not like Glossier is the most expensive unaccessible skincare line out there, but it by no means is cheap enough for people who are balling on a budget.

That’s why good Glossier dupes are so essential. Dupes are cheaper products that are similar or “duplicate” of a more expensive product. Beauty and skincare fanatics are always trying to find dupes of expensive lines. It’s ironic that finding cheap dupes in beauty is acceptable but having knock-off designer brand clothing is shamed.

Instagram user @dyanathesaint, whose name (according to her account) is Erin, shared her holy grail of Glossier dupes and they’re good. On her blog, Saint Dyana, she wrote that she has tried most Glossier products and used to be a brand ambassador, so she knows what she’s talking about.

Her dupe for Glossier’s cult-worthy eyebrow pomade Boy Brow is AOA’s Go Brow Mascara. The price difference is crazy. Boy Brow is $18 and the dupe, AOA’s Go Brow Mascara is a whopping $1. Yep, a single dollar.

Erin has duper for Glossier’s Skin Tint, Super Glow, Super Bounce, Super Pure, Balm Dotcom, Lip Gloss, Soothing Face Mist, Invisible Shield and Solution. Some she even offers multiple dupes for, which is a literal dream.

Then if that isn’t enough, Erin also lists out the Glossier products that aren’t even worth finding a dupe because they aren’t that great and the products she has yet to find a perfect dupe for yet.

Erin basically shared the holy grail of Glossier dupes. Check out her full post for all the dupes, it’s worth it.

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