The Story Behind True Thompson’s Name Will Shock You

Yesterday Khloe Kardashian broke her post-baby silence to announced her baby’s name, True Thompson.

Lot’s of people had thoughts about the name, mainly because how unfaithful Tristan Thompson, the father, has been. If you’ve been on a social media cleanse or was lost in the woods for a week, Tristan was caught on film multiple times cheating on Khloe.

People always have opinions about the Kardashians’ kids’ names. When Kylie Jenner announced Stormi’s name Twitter gave harsh feedback. People also had unsavory opinions about Kim Kardashian‘s third baby Chicago’s name.

The only “normal names” of KarJen offsprings are Mason Disick and Penelope Disick. None of Kris Jenner’s nine grandchildren name starts with a K so it may seem that the names have no family meaning. Turns out that is not true and True is actually a family name.

Kris cleared the air and explained how True is a Kardashian original. “FUN FACT…my Grandfather’s name on my Dad’s side was True Otis Houghton….my real Dad’s name was Robert True Houghton,” Kris explained.

So True Thompson is named after her great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather. I always feel like we know everything about the Kardashians and then we get dropped a bomb of new information like this. Kris’ tweet also made me realize that her ex-husband Robert Kardashian shares the same name as her dad, Robert Houghton. Kim also married someone who shares the same name as her mom, Kris Humphries. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like marrying someone who shares a name with your parent is a no from me.

If anything we should celebrating that Khloe named her baby girl a male family name! As far as I know, the other eight grandchildren’s names are not family names. That’s fine, but typically people won’t be as critical of a name if it’s a family name. It’s doubtful that Kris’ great-great-great-great grandmother’s name was North Reign Dream.

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