Everything You Need To Know About Tristan Thompson’s Messy Cheating Allegations

Yesterday the Daily Mail obtained footage of what appears to be Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend and father to her unborn child, making out with someone who isn’t Khloe. Since the video was posted the receipts have been flowing in like a dam was broken.

The footage isn’t hard evidence, you don’t see the two lip-locking because he has his hoodie up, but it’s suspicious. Daily Mail has identified the woman as Lani Blair. Her Instagram is private, but Blac Chyna follows her.

Khloe wasn’t with him in New York City, where the cheating took place, because she’s at their home in Cleveland, Ohio waiting to give birth to their child.


Tristan was shown on the same weekend bringing a woman back to his hotel. They were seen outside the Four Seasons in New York City at 5 A.M. this past Sunday. She didn’t leave the hotel until the next morning.


It’s not clear who the woman is. At first, TMZ said it was the same woman from the footage, but then later the site said that Instagram user @ms.stephaniee__ claimed to be the woman going into the hotel with Tristan. She posted screenshots of their text messages and a sex tape but it’s unsure if it’s of her and Tristan because TMZ says the heads were cut off in the video. The woman also said she is pregnant hinting that the child is Thompson’s. She has since deleted the post and her Instagram account.


If that wasn’t enough Tristan was caught cheating back in October 2017. The new cheating video that TMZ acquired ARE damning. It shows Tristan kissing one woman and motorboating another, not the sort of behavior a father-to-be should be having. The footage shows Tristan in a hookah bar in Washington D.C., right after rumors of Khloe’s pregnancy began.


The footage blatantly shows Tristan making out with one woman and sticking his head in the cleavage of another woman. There is so much video evidence of his cheating it’s amazing that it didn’t come out earlier.

If you know the Kardashians then you know they have yet to comment on the cheating scandal that has emerged and exploded in less than 24-hours. Knowing Kris Jenner, she had to have known of the cheating before the news broke. This isn’t like when Rob Kardashian went rogue and started posting Blac Chyna’s nudes on his Instagram, where they had no warning.

The family hasn’t commented on the allegations and I’m not shocked. They always wait to address issues on their show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so they can control the narrative. It’s what they did with Rob’s revenge porn scandal. We had to wait months to hear Kim Kardashian’s and Khloe’s opinions on the situation.

Sources close to the family told ET that the family is rallying behind Khloe. She’s days away from giving birth to her and Tristan’s daughter. “Kris has gathered the family and made sure they would all be there for her,” a source tells ET. “They are so excited for Khloé. Her sisters are being super supportive of her… her family is rallying around her.”

Meanwhile, People‘s source said that Tristan constantly cheats on Khloe. “Tristan has been consistently cheating on Khloé. He’s a serial cheater,” the source said. “And there will be more women to come out of the woodwork.”

Hollywood Life’s source said that Khloe is “devasted” and has been “brought to tears” over the cheating evidence.

Even though no one deserves to be cheated on fans have been less than sympathetic to Khloe. Tristan cheated on his pregnant girlfriend, Jordan Craig, with Khloe. That’s how the two started seeing each other. Tristan is either a serial cheater, or he just loves cheating on his girlfriends when they’re pregnant.

But Jordan has no hard feelings towards Khloe. She posted on her Instagram story, “If you respect yourself and you respect others, you would never make light of the misfortune of anyone, now would you feel indemnified when it comes at the expense of others. Wishing peace for everyone.”


She wasn’t the only one to speak out about Tristan’s cheating. Amber Rose, who has had beef with Khloe and used to date Kim’s husband Kanye West, even posted about the rumors. She wrote on her Instagram story, “I know we’ve had our differences in the past but my heart is broken for you sis smh no one deserves to feel that pain especially during such a sensitive time. God bless you and your baby.”


Mariah Smith, who writes Keeping Up With The Kontinuity Errors, tweeted a timeline of Tristan’s cheating compared to the filming of KUWTK. While they were filming the exciting news of their pregnancy Tristan was cheating. The couple announced their pregnancy on August 25, 2017.


A month later Tristan made out and motorboated women at a hookah lounge.


On that same day, Khloe left Cleveland alone.


A few days later Khloe filmed the stage pregnancy test scene. While Khloe was calling Tristan to exclaim that she’s pregnant (which he already knew) he was cheating on her.



There is no telling if Khloe will stay with Tristan and they’ll work through their problems. She stuck with Lamar Odom, her first husband, through so much so she’s either going to have enough or work on her relationship. We will probably have to tune into the next season of KUWTK to find out.

What do you think Khloe should do?

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