Kim & Khloe Kardashian Finally Speak Out About Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna’s Drama

In the beginning of July 2017, Rob Kardashian posted his ex-fiance and baby mama, Blac Chyna’s nude photos to his Instagram. It was a whole messy ordeal. Rob on top of posting illicit photos of Chyna also shared photos of the man she was sleeping with, text messages between the three of them and shamed Chyna for getting post-baby plastic surgery.

Rob’s Instagram was taken down, IG doesn’t allow nipples to be posted they aren’t going to let full vagina shots to slide by. This whole incident had led to Chyna filing a restraining order against Rob and suing him for revenge porn. It’s illegal in the state of California.

The Kardashians have kept quiet about the incident and Chyna, inevitable waiting to talk about the situation on their show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians so they can control the narrative.

In a teaser for next weeks episode, it shows Khloe and Kim talking about the WHOLE situation. It starts with Kim talking about how she went off on Rob in their family group text for posting what he did. Kim is clearly very upset at her brother’s actions. While Khloe is happy because this means Rob and Chyna will never ever get back together.

“As Rob, having sisters, he should just know better. He should have controlled himself,” is Kim’s take on the situation. Khloe agreed with Kim but then goes on to say that Chyna was taunting Rob and now he’s being made out as the bad guy.  “Love makes you do f**ked up things. You don’t f**k with someone’s heart and emotions,” Khloe said.

We only have a snippet of the clip, there could be more Rob and Chyna conversation throughout the episode, but Khloe’s thoughts in this clip are troubling. It’s definitely hard to admit that someone who is so close to you committed sexual abuse. It’s not easy, but to try and put blame on Chyna for Rob acting the way he did is not okay. Rob posting revenge porn of Chyna and no matter the circumstances nothing warrants that sort of reaction.

Rob is being made out to be a “bad guy” because what he did was bad.

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