Kim Kardashian & Chrissy Teigen Expertly Trolled Kanye West On Twitter

Kanye West has revitalized his Twitter and of course, he has yet to disappoint.

Kanye uses his social media platforms sporadically and then has an affinity to delete everything after a few moments, days or years. Nothing is ever permanent on Kanye’s social profiles. On Valentine’s Day, he posted multiple photos on his Instagram for his wife Kim Kardashian the promptly deleted them.

But now he’s back on Twitter and he’s tweeting philosophical tidbits, neck tattoo ideas and new Yeezys.

Yesterday Kanye went on a Twitter frenzy and was tweeting life and creative guidelines. Your creativity is your currency and it has to be protected and explored in a non-contractual distraction-free environment is the gist of his Twitter spree.

Kim decided to poke fun at her husband’s philosophical tweets.

Clearly, Kim is joking. But it’s also not that far-fetched of a concern that Kanye would start throwing out stuff even if it was Kim’s. Never forget the one Keeping Up The Kardashian episode before the two were dating when Kanye cleaned out Kim’s closet. Still, the circumstances of that deep closet clean and Kanye’s tweet are drastically different.

Chrissy Teigen jumped in on the trolling train and tweeted that Kim can stay with her and John Legend. Kim, Kanye, North, Saint and Chicago slumming it on a few deflated air mattresses should be a feature-length film.

Kim continued trolling by asking a million and one questions about Kanye’s extreme spring cleaning. She joked that John and Kanye may not even be friends anymore because who knows he could also be getting rid of all of his friends!

Just in case you didn’t pick up on the sarcasm Kim made it very clear that this was all a joke. She tweeted that she “will die laughing” if she sees anyone seriously reporting about her tweets. Listen, if we as a society have accepted Blake Lively as a hilarious trolly wife then we can easily accept Kim trolling Kanye.

Anything Kim does people will write about, like this post right here.

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