Cardi B Spilled All The Tea About Stripping, Her Baby’s Name & Twerking At Coachella

Cardi B’s last few weeks have been crazy. She dropped her first studio album Invasion of Privacy, announced she was pregnant on Saturday Night Live and performed at Coachella.

Even though Cardi is pregnant she isn’t slowing down. Today she went on Ellen for the first time to talk about everything that has happened these past few weeks and her album’s success. Of course, it was hilarious and Cardi was outspoken and hilarious.

While at Coachella Cardi twerked on stage to her song “She Bad” with YG. Haters hated on her for twerking while pregnant and her fans loved it.

Ellen DeGeneres brought up the twerking and Cardi said, “They say the more you move, the easier it will come out,” referring to the baby. Then Cardi joked, “I was just trying to show the world how I got pregnant in the first place.” She even pointed out which twerking pose it was specifically that got her pregnant.

Then DeGeneres offered to play car salesman for Cardi. They were talking about how DeGeneres helped get Cardi’s baby daddy Offset get a discount on his latest car and she told Cardi to just let her know what kind of car she wants and she’ll make the call.

Cardi instantly said she wants a Lamborghini truck because she needs a “baby car.” To be honest, it’s hard to imagine Cardi in a minivan anyway. Then Cardi joked about how she doesn’t even have a license and is a “professional passenger.” If you’re wondering, Cardi wants her Lambo truck to be green.

At one point DeGeneres and Cardi were saying “Okurrr” back and forth and sounded like harmonized professional bird callers.

Cardi also spilled the tea about her baby’s name. She said that her and Offset already have the name picked out and it was actually his idea. Because it’s his ideas she’s going to let him be the one to announce it to the world, so don’t expect a Khloe Kardashian baby name Instagram post from Cardi any time soon.

DeGeneres offered Cardi $20,000 to name her baby Ellen and Cardi declined and asked if the offer still stood for the middle name. Then DeGeneres gifted Cardi a baby outfit that matches her Invasion of Privacy album. It’s too cute.

The two also played the game 5 Second Rule. It’s a game where you have five seconds to name three things based on a category. Cardi named three different names for breasts, DeGeneres humbly acknowledge that she already owns everything and Cardi dispelled some strip club wisdom.

She was asked, “Name three things you shouldn’t do at a strip club?” Cardi responded, “Not give money, slap the booty real hard and eat chicken wings.”

Cardi then delved into how people eat chicken wings in the club and it’s “gross.” She also told DeGeneres that she loved stripping. She did it for three years and then used that money to launch her rapping career.

Never change Cardi, never change.

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