Chrissy Teigen Voiced Her Opinion On Male Sandals & Upset Sandal Twitter

Chrissy Teigen has amassed a large following on Twitter for being outspoken, clapping back and her hilarious takes on life.

Yesterday Teigen tweeted her distaste for male sandals. She quote tweeted Vivienne Clore’s diagram of acceptable male footwear saying “THANK. YOU.”

Her small comment agreeing that male sandals aren’t attractive set off male sandal Twitter like you wouldn’t believe. Her original tweet received more than 1,000 responses. Teigen is not afraid of a little Twitter beef and responded to a handful of male sandal loving perpetrators.

Teigen cleared the air and tweeted that she never said men can’t wear sandals, but they should all know that sandals aren’t attractive on men.

Still, male sandal twitter stomped their Chaco wearing feet into her mentions and Teigen, our fearless anti-male sandal warrior didn’t let any of their excuses penetrate her reasoning.

One Twitter user asked if John Legend, her multi-Grammy-winning husband, likes sandals. Teigen confirmed that Legend wears sandals while on the beach and she hates it, in fact, she wants to “die” when he wears them.

Male sandals don’t look good for a number of reasons. For starters, men don’t take care of their feet. Pedicures are gender neutral, but we all know that beauty is gendered toward women. It would be less painful to look at male feet if they were scrubbed, cleaned and moisturized.

Pedicured feet are important if you are going to venture into the ugly male sandal realm, but that doesn’t mean it makes wearing male sandals okay and Teigen agrees. Sandals just don’t do anything for men, they don’t elevate any outfit. They don’t bring anything to the table for men!

Even though Teigen hates male sandals she still says men should wear them if they want. We all wear unflattering and sometimes downright ugly clothing items for the sake of comfort and convenience. But those few seconds that it takes putting on sneakers instead of male sandals are worth it.

What are your opinions on male sandals?

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