Chrissy Teigen In In A Huge Twitter Fight With Vegetarians Right Now

Chrissy Teigen is the Queen of Twitter and Queen of cooking. Combine both and what you get is a raging Twitter fight with vegetarians.

Teigen was doing what she does best this week, tweeting. She responded to a tweet asking which level of cooked bacon is your favorite? The image showed six stages of bacon from raw to practically burnt. Teigen responded that four is perfect because it’s “chewy crispy fat, crispy juicy meat.”

Vegetarians aren’t happy that Teigen is tweeting about bacon. Teigen isn’t a vegetarian and has never claimed to ever be one. In fact, there are multiple occasions when Teigen has talked about her carnivorous ways.

Chrissy Teigen John Legend

Vegetarians are tweeting at Teigen photos of pigs in the slaughterhouse, fair warning the images are graphic. The graphic images aren’t slowing down Teigen from clapping back at the veg heads who are trying to shame her from eating meat.

It’s a whole mess because now people are coming for Teigen for “attacking” these vegetarians and vegans, but in fact, they are the ones who ignited this feud and judged her for quote tweeting a photo of bacon.

But still, the hate and judgy tweets keep rolling in. Teigen is trying to put this whole thing to rest because for starters she barely did anything. She just commented on how well done she likes her bacon cooked! It’s not like she kept being a carnivore a secret! It’s not like her cookbook, Cravings was a vegetarian cookbook!

She tweeted that she sometimes ponders becoming a vegetarian one day and even if she did commit to becoming one she would never judge or shame someone else for still eating meat.

Basically, do you and only you. If you’re a vegetarian great! If you’re not one, fine! Just don’t shame Teigen for her eating habits.

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