These 5 Celebs Wiped Their Instagram Feeds Clean To Promote Their Newest Projects

In the fickle world of social media, you never know if you’ll see a post or account again. We’ve all had moments of posting a shady photo too hastily or being quick to unfollow an ex. Something easily dissected isĀ the social media movements of celebrities. We track what they post or don’t post, and support them when they shut down trolls in the comment sections. Social media isn’t always an easy or healthy feat for celebs. Many avoid the platforms altogether while others frequently switch between deactivating and reactivating their profiles and have cited mental health as their reason for taking a break.

Check out which celebrities started clean with their Instagram accounts in order to promote new projects.

Blake Lively

Lively caused a frenzy when she recently deleted every Instagram photo of hers, including her fashion-forward OOTDs and all the receipts of her clapbacks at husband Ryan Reynolds. It was all a move to promote her new project, though. Along with unfollowing all users and deleting her profile photo, Lively posted the trailer of A Simple Favor. She plays a character called Emily Nelson who leaves her town bewildered when she suddenly disappears. She also strategically began following 38 users who all have the name of Emily Nelson.

Zayn Malik

Just as we were getting accustomed to Maliks’s black-and-white feed, he removed all photos on the cusp of his breakup with Gigi Hadid. His first post since then was a preview of his new single, “Let Me,” followed by more videos of the track’s music video.

A$AP Rocky

The rapperĀ deleted all of his photos in January of this year. He broke his Instagram silence with a photo of his clothing collaboration with Japanese brand Needles.

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan isn’t one to care too much about her feed. She deleted all of her posts early last year as well as early this year and returned in February with photos from her shoot with W magazine. Her bio sends you to Lawyer, of which she’s the newest spokesperson.

Taylor Swift

Swift caused fans to think she had been hacked after her Instagram became a blank slate in August 2017. She left everyone even more bewildered when she posted uncaptioned videos of a snake until it became apparent that it was an effort to send news of her latest album. Since then, her feed has been mostly business-related as she’s posted music video clips, album reviews, Saturday Night Live snippets and concert prep photos. So far, the comment sections have been disabled on every photo.

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