Taylor Swift Invited 2,000 Foster Kids To A Private ‘Reputation’ Concert








Taylor Swift is gearing up for her Reputation tour. She’s been giving fans sneak peaks into tour details through her Instagram stories every day. Most recently she shared her different microphones that she’ll be using on tour. But over the weekend she did more than just post a few Instagram videos. She performed for two hours for 2,000 foster kids and their families.

She invited the kids and their families to the final dress rehearsal of the Reputation tour at the NFL Arizona Cardinal’s football stadium. After performing the full two-hour set she stayed for another three hours taking photos, signing autographs and hugging everyone that came to see her perform.

Ken Tram, a dad to foster kids who attended the rehearsal show, tweeted about the experience. He said that on top of giving 2,000 kids free tickets, signing autographs and taking photos, Swift also bought everyone pizza and let the kids explore the stadium.

Another mom posted a photo from the night claiming it was “EPIC.” Everyone who has posted about the dress rehearsal says the show is mind-blowingly good. If you haven’t bought tickets, you should.


Before she performed for the 2,000 foster kids, Swift visited a child burn victim at the Maricopa Medical Center in Arizona. According to the AZ Central, Swift visited 8-year-old burn victim Isabella McCune.

In March, her body was badly burned in a freak accident. Her father was building a bonfire and used gasoline to help light it when it was lit the fire exploded and she caught on fire.

She has said that Swift’s music has helped her through the painful ordeal. She wanted to see Swift on tour when he came to Arizona, but can’t leave the hospital. She posted a video asking Swift to come visit her when she was in town and Swift did.

Swift brought McCune a bag full of Reputation tour shirts and other goodies. She also signed photos for her and her 14-year-old brother Zachary.

This isn’t the first time Swift has gone above and beyond for her fans. She surprised one fan with a wedding present, supposedly helped buy one fan house and even visited a fan’s house to surprise her with her new Reputation tour merch.

Will you be seeing Swift on tour?

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