10 Artists You Should Listen To Instead Of Kanye & R.Kelly






In case you’ve missed it, last week was intense for the music world. Both R. Kelly have landed themselves on #MuteRKelly & #MuteKanye, for different reasons but people are demanding that both artists are off of the airwaves and streaming services. In which, they should be held accountable like those in the movie industry have been.

Not only that, it was recently announced that Spotify would be removing R. Kelly from its curated and promoted playlists, a sign that the music giant is also joining in the #MuteRKelly movement. Spotify is not removing R. Kelly from the platform entirely, however.

Here’s the thing about music that most people forget, they only listen to one specific artist who they like. In which, is understandable but sometimes its okay to broaden your music horizons. With that, I have a list of artists you should’ve been already listening to and been missing out on if you haven’t been.

Childish Gambino


Danny Glover hosted Saturday Night Live on May 5, and he made headlines. Not only did he perform his new song, “This Is America” on SNL, but the music video for the latest single dropped the same night. It was available on streaming services the same night. Although, this doesn’t mean you can’t listen to his most recent album, Awaken, My Love! or any of his previous albums. Which is on Spotify and any other streaming services. The song is number #1 on the Top Songs on iTunes.

J. Cole


J.Cole dropped his new album KOD back in April, and it’s not getting all the buzz like it should be getting. It’s the hip-hop artist’s fifth album, which deals with addiction and the side-effects of the disease. The record is now on Spotify and all streaming services. The album is #4 on iTunes.

Janelle Monáe


Janelle Monáe can finally be herself on this album. You might be thinking, hasn’t she been herself, though? She has, but she can fully be herself. Meaning that she can celebrate herself as a black, queer woman pansexual and that, is a beautiful thing. Her hope for the new album is that those who feel left out for being different will inspire those individuals. She wants young girls, young boys, nonbinary, gay, straight, queer people who are having a hard time dealing with their sexuality, dealing with feeling ostracized or bullied for just being their unique selves, to know that she sees you and the album is for them. Be proud. She also celebrates herself on the album.

Kendrick Lamar


Of course, Kendrick would be on this list, why wouldn’t he? Kendrick Lamar has been making a name for himself (which we all know who he is now, and if you don’t know who he is, what are you doing with your life?) Lamar leads the BMA’s with nine nominations, he also produced the Black Panther album for the billion-dollar movie.



SZA dropped her first album Ctrl back in ’17 and it deserves more attention. She deserves more attention, alright? She appeared on Black Panther the album with Kendrick, the two of them sang “All The Stars” and they re-teamed up again for her latest song, “Doves In The Wind She’s struggling with writer’s block. She released that her second album will be her last album, however, don’t take the last too seriously. In her interview with Flaunt Magazinethe interviewer makes a note that she said last with a grin.

Normani Kordei

Normani Kordei is making her own name apart from Fifth Harmony, which the band broke up back in March. It looks like she’s making a name for herself, which is a great thing since she has great vocals. She teamed up with Khalid to make “Love Lies”for the motion picture movie, Love, Simon. It’s a preview of what she can do and can’t wait until we can see more from her.

The Weeknd


The Weeknd has had a whirlwind year thus far. Last part of 2017, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd broke up while he was on tour and we hadn’t heard anything from him, sure we’ve seen him in the tabloids, but we haven’t heard from him (unless you went to see him in concert). He dropped My Dear Melancholy, on March 30th and its still on the iTunes charts for Top Album while his song, “Call Out My Name”is still on the iTunes. However, he’s on Black Panther the album and both Lamar and he made “Pray For Me.” Let’s hope things turn around for him.

Amara La Negra


You might recognize her as the break-out star on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Diana de los Santos aka Amara La Negra wants to know that she’s black and proud. Importantly, she’s an Afro-Latina signer who won’t compromise her blackness for her Latinida. She has been heating up the airwaves with What A Bam Bam” and “Se Que Soy,” she also released “Insecure” back in March underneath her new label is the perfect Latin x American fusion that will be a hit for everyone. Not just for the ladies. This isn’t her first time being in the music industry, the Dominican descent has been in the music industry since she was a child and all her hard work has now paid off in the form of a multi-album record deal with Fast Life Entertainment Worldwide and BMG.

Jaden Smith


Like his younger sister Willow, Jaden Smith has a music career and quite frankly, we’re here for it. He dropped his first album, Syre this past summer. He received a gold record for his song, “Icon”and he carried the gold record around the Met Gala on Monday. Smith was also an opener along with Blackbear for Fall Out Boy this past fall for their Mania Tour. Just because he’s Will Smith’s son, doesn’t mean he can’t have his own career, however, his father took to Youtube and recreated his music video for Icon.




Khalid made an appearance on the music scene back in 2016, dropping a music video for “Location”in Septemeber 2016 with the album dropping in March 2017. He made an impression on the music world with his early Frank Ocean vibes, The Weeknd’s early mixtape, and the UK’s own Sampha. He also did a duet with Normani Kordei this past February.

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