This Plus Size Blogger Is Recreating Meghan Markle’s Outfits

There have been huge strides for body diversity in the fashion world, but still, it’s not enough. There are still these unspoken rules about what plus size people can and can not wear. Plus size people are told they can’t wear skinny jeans, crop tops, bikinis, tight-fitting dresses, stripes, the list goes on and on. Katie Sturino runs a blog called The 12ish Style and is helping break these rules.

One of the ways Sturino is showing that plus size gals can wear whatever they please is through a running series she has on her blog and Instagram called, “supersize.” She recreates outfits that celebrities have worn and supersizes them proving that anything thin people wear plus size people can too because having style is restricted to one body type. She has supersized countless celebs like Kendall Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Tracee Ellis Ross, Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Chrissy Teigen and Amal Clooney.

Sturino also tags were all of her clothes are from, so her Instagram is a treasure trove for plus-size gals wondering what brands to shop. Her comments are filled with fans asking questions about brands and she typically responds. I can personally attest that she comments back super fast and is really nice. One time I enthusiastically demanded to know where her strapless bras are from and she responded almost instantly. I don’t remember the brand and cant’ find the comment because it was months ago, but I swear it happened.

Inspired by the upcoming royal wedding, Sturino decided she would supersize some of Meghan Markle‘s recent looks. You can be plus size and still dress like a royal.

Her royal supersized series is a huge hit among her fans and fans of the royal family. Meghan has great style and anyone of any size should be able to recreate her looks and be inspired by her outfits.

The great thing about the royal supersize series is that she’s also supersizing Prince Harry. Her friend Ryan Dziadul poses as Prince Harry and he tags where his clothes are from on his Instagram, so all the plus size men out there can dress like a royal too.

When Sturino isn’t supersizing looks she’s posting OOTD’s, photos of her adorable dogs and fitness pics. One of the great things about Sturino’s Instagram is that she talks about her body acceptance journey and how she got to a place where she “allowed” herself to rock a bikini, workout in a sports bra and wear bright horizontal stripes. Basically, her Instagram is a fashionista’s body positivity dream.

Sturino also started her own anti-chafe line called Mega Babe that is basically the millennial brand to totally get rid of your thigh chaffing and boob sweat. I haven’t personally tried Mega Babe, but I’m planning on buying the anti-chafe stick for the summer. Comment if you want a review!

Click through the gallery at the top to see more of Sturino’s supersized looks.

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