Meghan Markle’s Title After The Royal Wedding Will Not Be Princess

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement Twitter was flooded with tweets exclaiming that the world finally has a black princess. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but just because Meghan is going to be marrying a prince doesn’t automatically make her a princess. It’s not that easy!

After their marriage, Meghan will receive a title, but the chances of her title being princess is unlikely. Only females born into the royal family can be a princess. Even Duchess Kate didn’t get the title princess and her husband, Prince William is more than likely to be ruling the country in a handful of years.

Even though she won’t be Princess Meghan, she will become a royal and have a royal title. Queen Elizabeth II will determine the new couple’s official title. The only factor coming into play is what titles are available and what mood the Queen is in.

The highest title for men is duke, marquess, earl, viscount and baron. The ranking for titles for females is duchess, marchioness, countess, viscountess and baroness. It’s more than likely that Harry and Meghan will be made duke and duchess because of how high up Harry is in the royal family. Harry will still be a prince because he can hold multiple titles at once.

Let’s take a look at all the possible titles Harry and Meghan could have.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

This is the most likely title the couple will receive. Everyone assumed William and Kate would be given this title after their marriage, but they were instead given Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The previous Duke of Sussex was married twice, but neither of his marriages were approved by King George III, so his brides never received a title. So according to the Telegraph, this would make Meghan the first woman to have the Duchess of Sussex title.

Duke and Duchess of Clarence

It’s not likely Harry and Meghan will be given this title because Duke Clarence has bad luck. There hasn’t been a Duke of Clarence since 1461. George Plantagenet, brother of King Edward IV, was the last Duke of Clarence. He had to forfeit his title because he was convicted of treason.

Harry’s father, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla stay at the house of Clarence, so that’s why you may be connecting Harry to the Clarence name.

Duke and Duchess of Connaught

With the political turmoil between Ireland and England, it’s unlikely that Harry and Meghan will be given this title. It’s unlikely because Connaught is named after the four provinces of Ireland. The last Duke of Connaught was held by Prince Alastair in 1943.

Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Harry is part of the House of Windsor and his wedding ceremony is happening at St. George’s Chapel at the Windsor Castle. It seems like this title would be a great fit, but the history behind this title is tainted and less than likely to be bestowed upon Harry and Meghan.

Fans of the Netflix series The Crown will know a little bit of this backstory. Prince Edward was given this title after he abdicated from the throne. He abdicated, giving up his title as King Edward VIII, to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson. At the time it was against the royal law to marry a divorcee whose ex is still living. His abdication changed the lineage of the throne, therefore, giving us the current lineage. Prince Edward is a blemish in the royal family and was a Nazi sympathizer and was disowned by his niece Queen Elizabeth II. It’s HIGHLY unlikely Harry and Meghan will get this title.

Duke and Duchess of Albany

Sussex is still the front-runner but this title isn’t totally out of the question. No one has been the Duke of Albany since 1919, but this title is typically bestowed upon members in the Houses of Stuart and Windsor. Harry is part of the House of Windsor, which is why this title isn’t entirely out of the running.

Duke and Duchess of Cumberland

This title was created in 1525 and hasn’t been held by anyone since 1765. It’s only been held by three people and it’s highly unlikely that the Queen will bring this extinct title back to life. It was extinct because the last person to hold the title “took up arms against Britain,” according to The New Yorker.

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