Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Official Wedding Portraits Have Been Released

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle skipped a lot of traditions on their wedding day. One tradition that they made sure to do, or was forced to do, was take official wedding portraits after the ceremony.

Typically the official portraits are of the new couple with their families and wedding party, one with the couple and just the wedding party and another one with just the couple. Typically the photos are taken inside a royal castle. Meghan and Harry’s were taken in The Green Drawing Room in Windsor Castle.

The giant family and wedding party photo is very endearing. It shows the new couple front in center and they’re beaming. The photo was taken at the end of the ceremony after their carriage procession. Meghan’ mom, Doria Ragland is standing closest to the couple. While Harry’s father Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla stand next to Harry and behind Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Prince William and Duchess Kate are next to Ragland and Princess Charlotte is sitting on her mom’s lap. The rest of the bridal party is scattered around on the floor.

The second photo of Meghan and Harry is with their bridal party. Meghan is sitting on the ground with Harry behind her perched on a green couch. His nephew Prince George is standing next to him, while his niece Charlotte is by Meghan. Not every kid is smiling or looking at the camera, but what do you expect with 10 little kids.

The photos are very formal, but of course, Harry and Meghan mixed it up for their solo shot and chose a more relaxed pose. The photos were taken by Alexi Lubomirski, who also took Harry and Meghan’s engagement photos. You can see the similarity in the couple’s black and white wedding photo to their engagement photos.

If you look at Harry and Meghan’s bridal party photo compared to Kate and William’s and Charles and the late Princess Diana’s you can see how their’s is more casual. Diana and Charles’ wedding party is significantly older and they’re all standing, it looks very formal. Kate and William’s party is a bit younger and they’re sitting with all the kids surrounding them. Harry and Meghan’s party is the youngest and Meghan is sitting on the ground with a few of her bridesmaids.

Comparing Meghan and Harry’s full wedding portrait to William and Kate’s and Charles and Diana’s you see how the formality decreases. Charles and Diana’s portrait has 24 people in it and everyone is wearing military uniforms. Kate and William’s only has 15 people and William’s family is in their uniforms. For Harry and Meghan’s portrait, there are 18 people, most of them being their bridal party, and only William is in a uniform.

Harry and Meghan’s photos are slightly more casual than previous royal portraits, but they perfectly represent the couple.

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