Everything Meghan Markle Can’t Do Now That She’s Royalty






On May 19, Meghan Markle officially became the Duchess of Sussex and married into the royal family. Being royal seems like a fairytale, and her wedding to Prince Harry was, but there are a bunch of strict rules and protocols Meghan now has to follow.

Everything she does now has to be up to the royal family and Queen Elizabeth’s standards.

1. No social media.


This is not shocking. After Meghan and Harry were engaged her once active social media accounts were all disabled and deleted. Her lifestyle blog, The Tig was also shut down. Royals who are high up in succession for the throne aren’t allowed to have personal social media accounts. Now if you want to find recent photos of Meghan, you’ll have to head to the Kensington Royal Instagram page.

2. She can’t vote.


Meghan is not yet a British citizen, but even she were she wouldn’t be voting in any elections. It’s not illegal for the royals to vote in elections it’s just in bad taste. Royals remain politically neutral and don’t voice their opinions on candidates.

3. Wear bright colored nail polish.


The Queen has strict rules about what color nail polishes the royals can wear. She prefers, which is just a nice way of saying she makes, all royals wear neutral translucent shades. The Queen has been wearing Essie’s Ballet Slippers shade since 1989. The shade is described as sheer and pink, which abides by all of the Queens rules. Since her engagement,¬†Meghan has been abiding by the nail polish rules.

4. Abide be a dress code.


Along with a strict nail polish rule, Meghan has to follow the royal dress code. This means she has to dress more modestly a.k.a. longer hemlines. There is also a royal rule about not showing bare legs, which Meghan apparently broke during her’s and Harry’s engagement announcement. During her first official royal outing, Meghan was wearing nude stockings.

5. Do anything alone.


One of the downsides of being royal is that you have to have a security team almost everywhere you go. According to OK!, Meghan has an all-female security team of four that will be with her during all royal activities for the next six months.

6. Can’t sign autographs.


A big part of being an actress is signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Now Meghan won’t be able to sign autographs because she’s royal. All royals aren’t allowed to give out their signatures because of the risk of it being forged.

7. Go to sleep before the Queen.


It’s bad form to hit the hay before the Queen does. The Queen has a strict schedule and is typically never in bed later than 11:30 P.M. The late Princess Diana sometimes would go to bed before the Queen, and it was seen as disrespectful.

8. Cross her legs.


It’s viewed as improper for royal women to sit with their legs crossed. Instead, they have to sit with their knees together or with their ankles cross, which is known as the Duchess Slant.

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