‘Bachelorette’ Front-Runner Garrett Yrigoyan Apologizes For His Problematic Instagram Likes

Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette season started this past Monday and already there is so much drama. But the drama is off-screen and it’s centered around front-runner Garrett Yrigoyan. Garrett seems like a catch on the show. He rolled up to greet Becca in a minivan and was all smiles and jokes. He took home the first impression rose, the last three Bachelorette winners all got the first impression rose, and fans are now worried.

They’re worried because Garrett’s Instagram likes were leaked and they were problematic. He liked photos that were about fat shaming, homophobic, transphobic and mocking immigrants. He also liked a photo supporting the false idea that Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg is a crisis actor.

Yesterday Becca commented on Garrett’s behavior, but now we finally have a response from the man himself. He posted a lengthy apology on his Instagram via screenshotting his notes app. He admits that @garrett_yrigs12 was his old Instagram handle. He ultimately took it down and started fresh with a new account, @gy_yrigoyen.

Garrett owned up to his mistakes and hurtful likes. He wrote that he’s “taking steps to grow, become more educated, and be a better version of [himself].” He then went on to say his Instagram likes “were not a true reflection” of himself and his morals.

“I never realized the power behind a mindless double tap on Instagram and how it bears so much weight on people’s lives,” Garrett wrote.


His apology is good, I will not lie. So often the person apologizes doesn’t take responsibility for their actions. It’s true, not everyone is perfect, so as long as Garrett is actually learning to educate himself about these issues and why people are upset over these Instagram posts then good!

But still, we can’t just sweep this under the rug. Garrett asking people to not judge him based on his likes is unreasonable. Nowadays what you do on social media is a direct reflection of who you are. If you like a tweet or an Instagram, you are liking it because you agree with it. That’s just simple social media 101. For him to say that he above that exception is ridiculous.

Then there’s ABC/Bachelorette casting. Contestants have to take an 800 questionnaire about their personality and psyche. How could they not catch him being homophobic, sexist and then some?

On the last Bachelorette season, one of Rachel’s contestants, Lee Garrett, was labeled as a racist for a series of tweets. In 2015 he tweeted that Black Lives Matter was a terrorist group, compared the NAACP to the KKK and said that female liberals were untrustworthy. During the “Men Tell All” episode Lee apologized and owned up to his past racist tweets.

Lee should never have been on the show in the first place. Putting a racist in a house with black contestants and a black Bachelorette is dangerous. ABC should have caught that just like they should have caught Garrett’s Instagram activity.

If fans can unearth old tweets and Instagram likes in mere days after the cast list was announced then there is no excuse for ABC. Let’s hope Garrett really does change.

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