Is Bella Hadid Hitting A Pink JUUL While On A Date With The Weeknd?

Bella Hadid is here for the kids. She’s here for the culture. She’s here to hit a pink JUUL and go sneaker shopping with her homeboys.

Bella and her new, but not new-new, boyfriend The Weeknd were spotted on a date in Paris this week. Some creeper snapped some shots of them at a tiny Parisian cafe table and we were blessed with these images of Bella hitting what appears to be a pink JUUL.

I have some unanswered questions about these shots that I’m hoping, when I put them out into the internet, I’ll receive answers. Is this actually a JUUL? The photos are too grainy to tell, but the shape looks like the iconic JUUL shape. Did she buy a special pink JUUL or did she decorate it herself? Does she bring her JUUL everywhere? Is Bella’s phone-keys-wallet routine phone-keys-wallet-JUUL? I just simply need to know more.

Vape culture is so strange and has so many stereotypes attached to it, mostly it being douchey. Is Bella’s prophecy to make vape culture cool? Another question I need to be answered.

Kids are scared straight from a young age that a single puff of a cigarette will send them right into their grave. Smoking is in fact not cool. Smoking is not for the kids. Smoking isn’t for the culture.

But still, people smoke cigarettes because being scared straight doesn’t work if you’re a wealthy socialite or get an invite to the Met Gala. Bella was documented hunched over puffing smoke while crouching and chilling with Lara Stone, Paris Jackson and Ruby Rose. She wasn’t the only one cheefing cigs in the bathroom but got dragged by social media for her antics. Like I said smoking isn’t for the culture.

Smoking e-cigarettes and JUULs have become increasingly the norm. With such little information about electronic cigarette’s and their health issues, people are using them as a viable “healthy” alternative to cigarettes.

In July 2017 Bella announced on Instagram that she was going to stop smoking cigarettes. It’s unknown how long the 21-year-old smoked cigs, but apparently enough to warrant a public service announcement that she’s over them.

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I quit 🚭

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It makes sense that Bella would ween herself off of cigs by smoking a JUUL. But there is something ridiculous and too normal seeing a famous person vape in public. It’s so strange that it warrants a million and one questions.

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