Everything You Need To Know About The #WearOrange Movement

June 1 is National Gun Violence Awareness Day and the beginning of #WearOrange weekend. The movement began in 2015 when 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton was shot and killed just a week after performing at President Barack Obama’s second inaugural parade in 2013.

Pendelton’s friends wanted to honor her legacy by starting the Wear Orange movement. They chose to memorialize her in June because that was her birth month, and they chose orange because that is the color hunters wear to protect themselves from being accidentally shot.

Everytown for Gun Safety took over the logistics of the campaign with the objective of “do[ing] life-saving work so that we can get closer to realizing a future free of gun violence,” according to their official website. The weekend-long event includes rallies, marches, and barbecues.

This year, the Wear Orange weekend coincides with the Governor’s Ball Festival in New York City. The musicians performing were encouraged to wear orange, display videos about gun violence and donate money to Everytown for Gun Safety. Additionally, Wear Orange t-shirts will be available at the festival.

Many celebrities, both involved in the festival and not, have expressed their support of the movement through posts on Instagram and Twitter.

It’s #NationalGunViolenceAwarenessDay & I #WearOrange because 96 people are shot and killed in an average day in America & for every 1 person killed with guns, 2 more are injured. As 9-year-old Yolanda Renee King said @ #marchforourlives, “I have a dream that enough is enough.” pic.twitter.com/6tsTIDptGW

— Katie Couric (@katiecouric) June 1, 2018

Acclaimed news anchor Katie Couric posted about the campaign this year.

This is Xavier Monroe. He was shot & killed while hanging out at a bar with his friends. Black men like Xavier are 13 times more likely than white men to be shot and killed with guns. I #WearOrange for Black men in America who have to live with the threat of gun violence. #NoRA pic.twitter.com/JKzmiZ0pTN

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) June 1, 2018

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano conveyed her support by focusing in on one specific victim.

Do you #WearOrange for a victim of gun violence? Share your story in this thread. #NoRA

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) June 1, 2018

Milano also encouraged her Twitter followers to get involved by imploring them to share their experiences.

I #WearOrange because I beleive that every American has the responsibility to change our culture and work to end gun violence. I wear orange to honor the lives that have been senselessly lost and to call attention to government inaction. Join me Text ORANGE to 644-33 @Everytown pic.twitter.com/6S1HCkB4R9

— Julianne Moore (@_juliannemoore) June 1, 2018

Another actress and activist, Julianne Moore, provided her fans with the number of Everytown for Gun Safety to encourage them to get involved.

Enough is enough is enough. Today I #WearOrange because the US has a gun violence epidemic and thanks to the NRA our government is ignoring gun violence solutions. pic.twitter.com/EVYDd4FhlD

— Ben Platt (@BenSPLATT) June 1, 2018

Broadway star Ben Platt posted his contribution to the movement.

Today we #WearOrange for National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Congress MUST show the political courage to stand up to the @NRA & pass gun reform laws that help keep our kids safe in our classrooms & on our streets. Enough is enough. pic.twitter.com/HRGPf2bqOh

— Elizabeth Warren (@elizabethforma) June 1, 2018

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren expressed her support from a government perspective.

Let's all #WearOrange for #NationalGunViolenceAwarenessDay honoring the 96 Americans killed every day w/ a gun & the 100's more injured-Thanks to @tomtomorrow for turning my #UglyBlueSweater a beautiful ORANGE! Check out others at https://t.co/2bY176vNAP pic.twitter.com/gzXtqMe5AV

— MarkHoHoHoHamill (@HamillHimself) June 1, 2018

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill shared a collection of pictures in honor of the movement.

Comedian Amy Schumer posted a photo with her family for the weekend.

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I am traveling and don’t have anything orange to wear but I still wanted to be a part of today. Today I #wearorange to remember all those who have died, especially in schools, churches and movie theatres- spaces in which I grew up feeling safe but where the current generation cannot. I wear orange because, as per @newsweek, more children have been killed by guns since Sandy Hook than U.S. soldiers in combat since 9/11. I know Hollywood plays a part in the glamorization of guns, and that is something I am dealing with in recognition that change begins from within. I would humbly like to remind everyone that movies are not real life, and the people who can’t tell the different are exactly the people adequate mental health screening would help prevent from getting a gun. I also want to thank all the responsible gun owners who do not feel threatened by the call for common sense gun laws. We need your voices more than ever. @everytown Peace- and policy change- xx

A post shared by Anne Hathaway (@annehathaway) on

Actress Anne Hathaway contributed to the movement with a paragraph about its importance.

Actress and comedian Julia Louis-Dreyfus expressed her support by offering statistics.

All of the celebrities who have posted about the #WearOrange movement have helped bring attention to its significance and urgency. We should encourage the fight against gun violence this weekend and every other one.

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