Meghan Markle’s Exes Are Getting Married & Having Babies

Meghan Markle isn’t the only one going through life changes right now. Yeah, she married into the royal family and is the first biracial American divorceé to do so. Now that Meghan is a Duchess, anyone who ever had a relationship with her will always be known as the person who let the Duchess go. Her exes are living their lives and a few of them are going through some big changes as well. Her ex-husband is getting remarried and her ex-boyfriend is having a baby.

Trevor Engelson, also known as Meghan’s first husband, is now engaged to Tracey Kurland. Meghan and Engelson separated in 2013 after two years of marriage. Before they were married they dated for seven years. Clearly, they’ve both moved on.

Engelson announced their engagement in a private Instagram post according to Cosmopolitan. The photo was of the couple smiling and Kurland showing off her new ring. The caption reads, “Luckiest guy I know! Get ready to party!” Do you think the Duke and Duchess will be invited?

Engelson isn’t the only one of Meghan’s exes that has life-changing news. Her ex-boyfriend Cory Vitiello is expecting a baby according to Us Weekly. A source told Us Weekly that Vitiello and Dragonette singer Martina Sorbara are expecting a child together.

Vitiello is a celebrity chef. He and Meghan dated after she and Engelson separated, but before she and Prince Harry started seeing each other.

“I’m pleased for Meghan. She’s a great girl,” Vitiello told the Daily Mail in April. “There is no bitterness. I respect people’s private and personal lives, and although she has put herself in the public spectrum, I still hold to that.”

Meghan and Prince Harry got married on April 19 with almost two billion people watching. It’s funny to think that all of this is happening after Meghan and Prince Harry got hitched. It’s like her becoming royal has blessed all of her exes. To be honest we would much rather marry a Prince.

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