6 Steps To Overcome Your Perfectionism

Being a perfectionist is heavy. You can’t mess up and when you do you can hardly handle it. It is something that many people struggle with, especially with social media and seeing everyone’s seemingly perfect lives on a regular basis.

Perfectionism may seem like a positive quality (it is a quality often used in job interviews as a double-ended weakness) because it keeps you organized. It is actually harmful to your mental health and sense of self in the long run. Self-care is important and being a perfectionist is not self-care. It is harmful.

We have some tips for you on how to overcome your perfectionism. Remember that overcoming perfectionism is a process, not a race.

1. Keep Track Of Your Success


Keep track of your successes whether in a journal, in notes on your phone or on a Google Doc. Sit down sometime without any distractions and write down all of the success you have had in life no matter how big or small.

As a perfectionist, you may not remember the times you have been successful when you are moving through a difficult situation whether at work or in your personal life. By curating this list you will remember that you have made your way through tricky situations and will again.

2. Get To The Root Of Why You Are A Perfectionist


There are many reasons you may be a perfectionist. Whether it be your childhood, your academic life or something else overall. But this personality trait will always have a root. Once you identify the root you will be able to begin to undo the patterns that caused your perfectionism. This is not as easy as it may sound but is an important start.

3. Take A Step Back


Take a step back and take a deep breath. This is easier said than done, but for some people putting things into perspective helps. Maybe you are just starting off in a career and you’re frustrated that you have to keep asking questions of your higher-ups. Realize that they hired you because they believe you are capable. They likely expected you would have many questions and they were also in your same place at some point.

So take a step back and breathe. You’ll get it next time.

4. Remember That You Are Trying Your Best Through Life


Everyone is only trying their best. Try to look at life with a perspective that there is nothing to regret. You only do things a certain way based on what you have experienced earlier in life. And if you didn’t do something in the best way possible you will improve next time.

5. Accept The End Result And Move On


So perhaps you put something out that wasn’t so perfect. Whether it be a decision or a project for work. Maybe you even did something perfectly but keep thinking of ways that you could’ve done it differently after. Accept that it is over and take what you can do differently for next time. Obsessing over ways you could’ve done things differently is not productive for your wellbeing.

6. Ask For Help


Ask for help if you feel like you are drowning in perfectionism. You shouldn’t have to carry it alone and there is a way out. You can check out this list from Mental Health America for resources on how to get help.

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