What Causes Frizzy Hair And How To Fix It

With the beginning of summer underway, a dreaded problem has arisen that people with curly hair know all too well: frizz.

While we usually assume humidity is the sole cause of frizz, here are some unexpected things you could be doing that exacerbate the issue.

Drying Your Hair With a Towel

After showering, many people reach for their terry cloth towel to dry their hair. Although it’s almost second nature to put our hair into a towel turban, it’s not doing our follicles any favors.

The material of the towel is rough for hair and can lead to extra frizz. Instead, invest in a microfiber towel or a t-shirt to use. The softer texture is much more gentle on wet hair and will help to tame the frizz.


Washing Your Hair In Hot Water

While most people shower in hot water, the high temperature can be a problem for people with curly hair because the warmth strips hair of its natural oils. Without oils, hair naturally gets dry, causing more frizz.

If you want to avoid this problem but can’t imagine parting with hot water, try lowering the temperature when you wash your hair and putting it back on high when you wash your body.

Using Hot Styling Tools

Similarly, using too many hot styling tools can cause frizz. The best solution, of course, is to stop using hair dryers and flat irons, but if you don’t have time to air dry your hair and can’t resist straightening it, make sure you use the lowest heat setting.

Also, remember to always use a thermal protectant spray before styling.

Touching Your Hair Too Much

Sometimes it’s hard to resist playing with your curls, but the more you can, the better, because it can cause frizz. If your hands have any dirt or oil on them you’re transferring that directly into your follicles.

Touching your hair is worse when it’s wet because your hair is most sensitive post-shower and messing with it can disrupt the curl patterns.

Using Products With Sulfates And/Or Alcohol

Sulfates and alcohol sneak their way into many shampoos and conditioners but because they are such strong detergents, they can dry out your hair and strip it of its natural oils.

Fortunately, many hair companies, like DevaCurl and Moroccanoil, have removed sulfates and alcohol from their shampoos and conditioners.

Some other quick solutions to fight the frizz are using a silk pillowcase and products with argan oil.


Good luck taming your curls this summer!

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