‘Riverdale’ Star Camila Mendes Says Charles Melton Personally Apologized For His Old Fat-Shaming Tweets





Riverdale star Camila Mendes says that her co-worker Charles Melton personally apologized to her for his series of fat-shaming tweets that were brought to light recently. Just as a refresher, problematic tweets of Melton’s were unearthed on June 19. Melton, who started playing Reggie in season two of Riverdale, tweeted multiple times in 2011 and 2012 making fun of fat people.

He tweeted that “fat chicks” don’t have the right to wear yoga pants, that big boobs “don’t count” if the person is overweight and a variety of untasteful fat-shaming jokes.


Melton has since apologized for the tweets. In a statement, he apologized for his “inconsiderate comments” and said that the tweets were “immature, offensive and inappropriate.”

The actor has done more than just issue a statement and make his Twitter private since being dragged for his old tweets. He personally called Mendes to apologize for his past behavior. “He was devastated—he felt really sorry about it and he called me personally and, you know, he said, with everything that I stand for, he said ‘I’m really sorry,'” the actress told Access.

Mendes has regularly spoken out about being body positive and having body acceptance. Mendes suffered from an eating disorder growing up and earlier this year teamed up with Project HEAL. The non-profit offers support to those with eating disorders. She also declared to be done with dieting and how she is done with letting the idea of being thin consume her.


“I know Charles, I know he’s not actually a bad person,” Mendes continued to tell Access. “And I think it’s a matter of sometimes you tweet something a long time ago and they’re buried in there and they come out, and it sucks, and I do not agree with anything he said or support those statements, but I know that that’s not who he is.”

Most Riverdale fans appear to have forgiven Melton as well. Given that his tweets were six to seven years old they have given him the benefit of the doubt that he’s grown up and matured.

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