Justin Bieber Doesn’t Follow Hailey Baldwin On Instagram But He Does Follow Her Ex




Yesterday Justin Bieber confirmed the rumors, he’s engaged to Hailey Baldwin. The cute Instagram post had a lengthy caption that could truly warm any person who is team Selena Gomez. Bieber wrote, “You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else.” He also wrote that she makes him a better man and that he would lead their future family with “honor and integrity.”


After the lengthy paragraph, it’s hard to convince me otherwise that Baldwin and Bieber aren’t soulmates. So it’s shocking to report that Bieber doesn’t even follow his fiance, soulmate, the light of his life on Instagram.

Bieber is only following 91 people on Instagram and sadly, Baldwin isn’t one of them. A quick scroll through Bieber’s followers you can see his followers are pretty standard. He’s following his friends like Jaden Smith and his hot paster Carl Lentz. He’s weirdly still following his one ex-girlfriend, Sofia Richie. But even stranger he’s following one of Baldwin’s rumored exes, Shawn Mendes.

Baldwin and Mendes were rumored to be together before she got back together with Bieber for good. Speculation picks up in the spring that the two were dating. Then in April Mendes posted a polaroid with him and Baldwin. Fans took this as them making their relationship Instagram official.


Then the two went to the Met Ball together. They were adamant that they are just friends, but photos like this exist so you can be the judge of that. Baldwin also didn’t put any label on her relationship with Bieber when they first dated in 2016.


Then a month later Baldwin went on vacation with Bieber in Miami. A few weeks later she deleted all of her photos of Mendes from her Instagram. She is still following him on Instagram, but so is her fiance Bieber.

At the very least Bieber should be following Baldwin back on Instagram. Baldwin is following him and they are engaged, so it’s only right.

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