Lush Is Making An Ariana Grande Inspired Bath Bomb

Last Friday Ariana Grande dropped her newest single “God Is A Woman” and then followed it up with a music video that is full of amazing visuals. It shows Grande floating in a milky opaque river covered in lilac paint, sitting on the earth and literally smashing the glass ceiling.

The video already has over 28.4 million views on YouTube and was released merely five days ago. It’s iconic.

Yesterday Jack Constantine, who works in Lush Cosmetics labs creating products, posted a new bath bomb inspired by Grande.

The bath bomb is supposed to replicate Grande floating in the painted milky water with paint on herself.

He posted a video of the first prototype of the “God Is A Woman” bath bomb. In his Instagram stories, he said the bath bomb has royal blue, mint green and lavender. The colors are supposed to melt into the water to mimic her music video.

Constantine started working on the second prototype of the bath bomb and has been posting updates on his story. He said that he added more purple, a hint of silver and glitter. The outside of the bath bomb is silver, light pink and a dark glittery gray.

The idea for the bath bomb came from a Grande fan and the singer is totally here for it. A fan tweeted at Lush to create a “God Is A Woman” bath bomb and they slid into their DMs.

The cosmetic company agreed the idea is brilliant and would start working on it in their lab.

Grande saw the exchange and told Lush she’d do anything for the bath bomb to be created.

Can’t wait to recreate this video in the comfort of my own bathtub.

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