From Pizza To Chocolate, We’re Ranking The Best Snacks For National Junk Food Day

Junk food might be the one thing considered a universal guilty pleasure! Sure it might not be that good for you, but we can’t help but indulge ourselves once and a while. July 21st just so happens to be National Junk Food Day, so we’re ranking some of the best junk foods of all time, to help you decide how you’re going to celebrate National Junk Food Day!

French Fries

This potato product is probably the best side to any meal! It doesn’t matter if they’re thick or thin, curly, crinkly, or even shaped like smiley faces, french fries are probably one of the easiest junk foods to get, because you can get them almost anywhere, and they’re almost always delicious! The great thing about fries is that you can eat them with almost anything, from a steak to a slice of pizza, anything is better with a nice side of fries!


Does soda count as junk food? We vote yes! The sweet, bubbly drink is so cold and refreshing, especially in the summer. Soda is kind of amazing because it has that kick of caffeine you need, but you don’t have to pretend you’re an adult and suffer through the bitter taste of coffee. Whether you’re sipping on an orange soda, or keeping it classic with a simple cola, Junk Food Day wouldn’t be complete without a sweet, and cool drink to wash down all the other delicious things you’ll be eating!


Chocolate is 100% everyone’s best friend. Like french fries, it kind of goes with everything! You could mix chocolate with almost anything, and it’ll taste better, or just have it plain! It’s the perfect gift for literally any major holiday, and it’s the perfect remedy for alleviating any annoying cramps you might have! For National Junk Food Day, we suggest keeping it simple and stocking up on peanut butter cups and Hershey bars at your local drugstore or supermarket! No need to get fancy when the simple things can cure your craving just as fast!


Donuts are arguably one of the most underrated foods on the snack food hierarchy. Seriously, they are so slept on, and we’re sick of it! They’re sweet, warm, and always cute for pictures! Donuts are a perfect junk food to have because can be topped with so many fun things! Pink frosting with sprinkles and even your favorite breakfast cereal could make your donut that much better! The possibilities for what to put on donuts are seemingly endless, so a fun way of spending National Junk Food Day might just be trying to discover your favorite kind of donut!


You didn’t think we would finish this list without adding pizza to it, did you? Pizza is hands down the best food to have on a day like National Junk Food Day! With all of the different kinds out there, some more appetizing than others, there is undoubtedly a new kind of pizza out there, just waiting for you to discover it! Or, you know, you could just order one with your favorite toppings and watch something new on Netflix! Whatever your choice, we think that pizza is the best food you could eat on such a fantastic day like National Junk Food Day!

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