How To Get A Creepy Guy To Leave You Alone At A Party

Maybe you are having a girl’s night or maybe he’s just not cute. Either way, this dude needs to back off. He will not stop asking for your number and trying to whisper into your ear with his gross breath.

Here is how to get that creepy guy to leave you alone.

1. Tell The Truth

“Sorry but I am not interested.”

If that is too direct, go with “I am just here to hang out with my friends.” If he does not accept this, he needs to grow up. You were honest with him and he needs to respect that and go on his merry way.

2. Lie!

If you are not comfortable being blunt, this can be an easy escape from a leering dude. “I actually am a lesbian,” “I have a boyfriend,” “Betty just got dumped so I’m not leaving her,” “I live in Canada and need to be on a flight home in an hour,” “I need to go tend to my beehive.” Go as basic or as big as you want with this one.

If he will not stop asking for your number and you want a quick out–just give him a fake one. It’s pretty easy to make up a 10-digit combination. Better yet, give him the Feminist Phone Intervention Hotline–(669)-221-6251.

3. Screw Politeness

Is he still not getting the hint? Now it is time to throw politeness out the window. You tried to be nice. He is in the wrong and needs to go away. Tell him to back off and leave you alone.

If you feel unsafe, alert others around you to what is going on. Loudly tell him: “I do not know you and I want you to leave me alone.” Make bystanders aware he is harassing you.

Seek out party hosts, fraternity members on RISK, or bar staff. Nobody wants a creep in their establishment and should be quick to get him out of there.

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