10 Easy Ways To Save Money If You’re In School Or Recently Graduated

Saving money is tough. But, it’s something you need to learn because you’re going to need to do it for the rest of your life! As a college student or recent graduate, you may not have tons of money to save so it’s about the little things that you do!

Here are some easy ways to save money in your 20s because every dollar counts!

Stop with the morning coffee.


Painful, but I said it, kick the morning coffee habit. $4 every morning for coffee, 5 days a week is $20. That’s $80 a month and $960 a year. $4 may not seem like much but it adds up fast. Buy a cute tumbler cup and grab some cold brew or ice coffee next time you’re at the store. This Califia almond milk ice coffee is a great option.

Don’t pay for cable.


You definitely don’t need cable because nowadays you can get the same thing with Netflix and Hulu. So save your money, get a streaming subscription and you have entertainment for about $20 a month!

Set up a savings account at a different bank.



If your savings is connected to a different bank then your checking, you’ll be less likely to dive into it. You won’t see the money when you log onto your banking app and if you want to move the money it’ll take a few days for funds to clear and it’ll help to curb a moment of weakness.

Eat at home.


Eating at home saves so much money. Figure out a few, easy recipes that you love and keep them on rotation for meals during the week!

Save money every week.


If you’re in college, try putting aside $5-$10 dollars every week. It doesn’t seem like a lot but savings have to start somewhere!

Live with a roommate.


Living with a roommate is a great way to cut costs on rent and utilities!

Track your spending.


Don’t know where to start saving? Track your spending and see where you can cut out extra expenses that will save you money.

Make a shopping list.


Grocery shopping with a list will keep you on task and away from just buying whatever looks good.

Travel in the off seasons.


Just because your saving money doesn’t mean travel is off the list! Want to go somewhere tropical? Go in the offseason which is usually November – March. It’ll help you save money on flights and hotels.

Use a money back, shopping site.


Want to shop online? Use a website like ebates.com to get money back on what you were already going to buy.   It allows you to shop smarter!

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