5 Things To Avoid On Tinder If You Want Better Matches & More Conversation

Want to use Tinder for more than just aimless swipes and potential hookups? If you’re aiming to meet people, don’t worry, it’s not as farfetched as it sounds and many people have met their current partners on Tinder.  On Tinder, there are over 26 million matches daily so statistically, it’s a fantastic way to meet people!  Tinder can be much more then aimless swipes if you want it to be and the best way to do so is to build your profile for better matches!

Here are 5 things to avoid on Tinder if you want better matches and more conversation.

Have 1-2 Profile Photos

Better Tinder matches


If you want to get more matches, add more photos. If someone gets a better feel for you, you’re more likely to get a swipe.  You want at least 4 photos on your profile.

Hide your face.

Tinder don'ts


Don’t hide your face on your Tinder profile because how is the anyone going to no what they’re swiping. If someone doesn’t know you’re pretty much an automatic swipe left!

Wait too long to meet in person.



If you want to meet someone on Tinder, you want to do it soon after your match and lively conversation because you don’t want the excitement to die down!  If you do meet your Tinder match in person, here are some safe places to go on dates!

Send a boring message.

tinder profile don'ts


Sending a generic message to a match like, ‘hey’ may work but you have way better chances of creating sparks by sending something exciting. Try to spruce it up and read their profile so your match doesn’t think they’re getting the bare minimum. Statistically, a fun greeting will lead to a better match and potential meeting!

Post photos of you looking sad or expressionless.

Tinder Don'ts


Keep the sad, moody selfies off of Tinder. A smiling photo is a better first impression and it raises your chances of being swiped right!

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