How To Make Friends Your Freshman Year Of College

Back to school season is pretty much here. You must be so excited to start a new chapter in your life! College is totally different than high school, especially if you are living on campus. You may be far from home and away from the best friends you’ve had your entire life. That can be scary!

It’s a totally new start and one of the many life changes you’ll be going through. Chances are, college won’t be the first time you’ll have to start over again with friends in a new environment, so college is the best place to learn some friend making skills.

We’ve gathered 9 awesome tips that can help you to friend your forever friends at college. From your roommates to your classmates you’ll be sure to find a couple of friends.

1. Go To Campus Events During Welcome Week


Most colleges will host at least several days targeted towards orienting you into your new school. Among those, there will be some fun events catered specifically for you to make some friends. They’ll often have free food, t-shirts, and more! Don’t dismiss these events as being “lame” because you can meet plenty of awesome people there also eager to make friends.

2. Let Someone Borrow A Pen


If you ever catch anyone in your classes scrambling to find a writing a writing utensil in their backpack, reach out a lend them one of yours. This simple act of kindness goes a long way to make someone feel comfortable and you can start a conversation.

3. Join A Club Or Sports Team


Many colleges offer intramural sports that anyone can join–not exclusive to “varsity” players. Most colleges will also have a club fair during the first couple of weeks–be sure to go to that! You’ll surely find something you’re interested in and you can make some awesome friends through your shared interest.

4. Go To The Library


The library is the best place to study in peace during your college career. It’s essential to the college experience and you’ll surely run into some regulars who sit around the same area as you. Don’t be afraid to chat with them and bond over you shared fav spot in the library.

5. Form Study Groups In Class


Studying in college can be different than in high school, as there is usually more to study. If you’re taking a class that you expect to be challenging, form a study group while you’re ahead. You’ll have people in the class who you can count on to help you and vice versa.

6. Go To Sports Games And Other Competitions


This is especially important if your college is into sports. Go with your roommates or your orientation friends and you’ll be sure to leave the game with great memories. If sports ain’t your thing, don’t worry you can still find your crowd.

7. Host A Pizza Party At Your Dorm Or On The Quad


In college, you’ll learn that food truly brings people together. Host a pizza party in your dorm and leave the door open. You can chat with the other people on your floor and get to know each other in no time.

8. Be Approachable


When you’re on campus, the first instinct may be to tune everything out. Leave your headphones out and look approachable–this is often a great way to a new friend. It could be a fellow freshman looking for directions and whether or not you are both lost you can possibly have a great bond.

9. Go With The Flow


Remember that everyone is in the same boat as you making friends. Don’t rush the process of making friends. The friends who you are meant to be with will come to you, and sometimes that could take until Spring Break–and that’s okay! Happy friend making.

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