Happy Birthday Jackie Aina, Here Are Her Best YouTube Videos




August 4th is beauty guru and YouTuber extraordinaire Jackie Aina’s 31st birthday! Jackie has 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube and she’s best known for her depth product reviews and her knack for always keeping it real on YouTube and calling out brands that aren’t inclusive! Jackie just collaborated with Too Faced to help them extend the shade range of their Born This Way Foundation so that there is a shade for everyone!  We applaud her for that!

In honor of her birthday, let’s take a look at Jackie’s best YouTube videos!!

Jackie Aina Best YouTube Videos

Here is her video addressing the new Beauty Blenders foundation shade range.  The shade range is verryyyyy medium shade heavy to say the least without many options for pale and deeper skin tones. She’s honest in her review about the shade range and her struggles with the foundation but she also talks about her love for Beauty Blenders and the good things she notices about the foundation. Loving her realness!!!

Here’s her review of the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette that is all over social media!

Here’s her video on how to find your shade match with the new shades of Too Faced Born This Way foundation that she helped them to create.  This is such a useful video because finding the correct shade is soooo tricky sometimes!

Testing self-tanner on her dark skin!  She gave the beauty community the video we didn’t even know we needed!

Here’s her review of the new Dose of Colors iluvvsarahii collection.  With a tutorial of the most beautiful eyeshadow look, ever!!!

Here’s her full face of Muslim owned beauty brands! Suh a fresh idea for a video and it’s definitely not a video you can find on every channel! She’s so good at finding new video ideas that aren’t saturated on the YouTube beauty community!

Here’s her skincare/pamper routine on a budget.  Everyone can benefit from this video!

Here’s her highlighter collab with Artist couture in La Peach.  The shades are legit blinding, and you can find them at Sephora!

Here is her ‘boyfriend roasts my outfit video.’  It’s so funny, you have to check it out. Hahaha.

Here’s her ‘boyfriend buys my makeup’ video which is always a good watch!

Full face a Maybelline because don’t we all love affordable makeup?

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