Everyone Is Trolling & Memeing Kim Kardashian’s New Yeezy Photo






Yesterday Kim Kardashian, a.k.a. Kanye West‘s muse posted new photos of the Yeezy Butter 350’s, but that’s not what people are focusing on. Her pose in the picture is so uncomfortable and has stolen the show. She’s laying on a bed with her arms over her head and legs bent, it’s truly unnatural looking.


Any regular person would immediately know the implications of posting a photo like this on the internet. But Kim, no matter how “real” she wants us all to believe, is removed from everyday society. Combine that with the likelihood that she has surrounded herself with “yes” people” this God forsaken photo ended up on the internet.

Now Kim is getting brutally memed. If you’re sitting there thinking, “Kim wanted to be memed, that’s why she posted it! She’s so smart! She is getting so much unintentional buzz for it! Brilliant!” You’re wrong. If you know anything about Yeezy campaigns then you know that they’re not intentionally funny. If anything Yeezy campaigns are either fake deep/artistic or lazy, it depends on your interpretation.

But now Kim’s contorted body is all over social media feeds for atypical reasons. She’s been compared to the chalk outline of a body on a crime scene, Andy’s lifeless toys in Toy Story and the “Help, I can’t get up” Grandma.


Many thought it was suspicious that on the same morning that Beyonce‘s September Vogue cover dropped Kim posted this picture.

Beyonce and Kim’s respective fandoms believe the two celebrities don’t like each other. It hasn’t been confirmed that the two aren’t friends, but actions speak louder than words. It also doesn’t help that their former BFF husbands grew distant when Kanye and Kim started dating.

Now fans are hyper-aware and have noticed a pattern that whenever Beyonce drops anything Kim will most likely post something that same day. When Beyonce dropped Lemonade, Kim decided to post a bunch of racy pictures from her friend’s wedding. Now Bey drops her Vogue cover and Kim posted a new Yeezy campaign.

Whatever their beef is we can all agree that Kim looks ridiculous in this picture.

Oh, Kimmy.

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