Kendall Jenner’s Anxiety Made Her Stop Catwalk Modeling

In an interview with LOVE Magazine, Kendall Jenner admitted that her anxiety caused her to call it quits on walking the catwalk. She revealed that last fashion-week show season was far too taxing on her mental health and therefore, this year she decided to stay home and focus on her own well-being.

“Last season I didn’t do any shows,” Kendall said, “Just ’cause I was working in LA and was like ‘Oof, I can’t right now – I’m gonna go crazy. I was on the verge of a mental breakdown”

While the Jenner/ Kardashian clan is often considered some of the most envied people in the world, Kendall Jenner added that while she appreciates how fortunate she is, she sometimes wishes her life was different saying, “there are days where I wish I could walk outside and nothing would be like it is right now.”

This admittance of feeling overwhelmed at times with her fame is not surprising as Kendall has opened up about her mental health struggles, especially her anxiety, in the past. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in January, Kendall told friend and fellow model Cara Delevinge that her anxiety is “debilitating” and she sometimes wakes up “in the middle of the night with full-on panic attacks.”

Kendall also discussed how the constant and often negative attention can be detrimental to her mental health. “You go online and you see everyone saying the worst things to each other, and it’s hard to stay positive,” Kendall stated. “It’s hard not to get eaten alive by all the negativity.”

Additionally, Kendall’s mother Kris Jenner spoke about her daughter’s mental health struggle during the international fashion weeks in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “Kendall has anxiety, and I think she has so much going on that she gets herself really worked up,” Kris said. Kendall gets the most anxious during fashion week, so when she’s traveling a lot and Milan’s coming up and just trying to juggle it all, [it’s] overwhelming.”

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