How To Recognize Your Own Toxic Behavior & How To Fix It

Could you be your own worst enemy? Do you put yourself down, are you a narcissist, a pessimist? Are you in a funk and lashing out at others? These are hard questions!!! But life happens and unfortunately, so can toxic behavior.  If you could internally be hurting yourself, you want to know so you can fix it. And if you’re hurting others, you really want to fix that.

Toxic behavior comes out in many forms and it can manifest itself internally or externally.

Here are a few ways to recognize toxic behavior in your life and how to fix it!

Talk to your family.

This is hard because most of the time when someone tells us we’re personally doing something wrong in our lives, we tend to get defensive. When asking your family, you need to make it a comfortable environment so that they can answer without fear that you’ll attack them. Listen to what they’re saying and take a step back to process it so you don’t lash out emotionally. If you’re not in a good place, and a family member is trying to tell you that, you probably will want to lash out. Take a deep breath and try to listen to the message without shooting the messenger.

Be open to others’ input.

Maybe you put yourself down and your friends have brought it up to you because they’re worried.  As women, I think everyone has struggled with body image and confidence.  Especially in today’s world with the huge prevalence of social media because it’s so easy to compare yourself to what seems like perfect humans. Whatever the case may be, if your friend is speaking out to you because they’re worried or you don’t seem like yourself, you want to listen.

When a friend calls out your toxic behavior, you’re more likely to listen because you value that friendship and their opinion. At the end of the day, a good friend is just trying to help you.  Take the outside cues and again it’s not easy but if you want to correct those behaviors, listen.

Fake it till you make it.

Now that you’ve highlighted your toxic behaviors, kick them to the door and move on. If your toxic behavior was hurting others, time to make it up to them.  Whether you were controlling, manipulative or plain mean, time let those people close to you know that you value them.  Follow that up with actions because all know, actions speak louder than words! Whether you make them dinner or buy them flowers, let them know you value them in your life.

If your toxic behavior was hurting yourself, make yourself a priority. Treat yourself, talk nicely and be a friend to yourself. Maybe go to therapy. If you have toxic behaviors that hurt yourself, you want to stop those.

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