Ariana Grande’s Signature Pony Is Causing Hair Extension Sales To Spike

Ariana Grande is known for her killer vocals and ginormous ponytail. The high pony to Ariana Grande is what black turtlenecks are to Steve Jobs. It’s part of her uniform. It’s unnatural to see Grande without pounds of hair piled on top of her petite frame.

Grande’s pony is so popular it’s causing a spike in hair extensions in Australia.

Over the last six months, demand for ponytail extensions has increased for Showpony (a popular hair extension brand) with customers specifically referencing Grande as their inspiration.

“We have had a 50 percent increase in (clip-in) ponytails and halo sales within the last six months,” Showpony owner Stephanie Mason told Mason also went on to say that these extensions create “thick, catwalk ponytails.”

To recreate Grande’s hair isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hair the create a ponytail with that length and volume, which is why hair extension sales are spiking.

“With the length and the thickness of the ponytail, most girls would need hair pieces [extensions],” Creative Director at Oscar Oscar salon Jacky Chan told the news site.

Chan said that halo extensions are used at the base of the hairline to add length and volume. He predicts that Grande uses roughly two full sets of extensions and spends about an hour in a hairdresser’s chair to achieve the look.

“[Customers] do mention her name and say, ‘that’s how high I want my ponytail.'” Chan said.

This isn’ the first time Grande’s hair has sparked trends. Before she went full pony Grande wore her hair with a high half pony. The look was replicated by girls everywhere making the high half pony a trend.

Ariana Grande

The man behind Grande’s hair is Chris Appleton. He’s also responsible for Kim Kardashian’s and Jennifer Lopez’s hair. He recently created Kylie Jenner’s blonde pony for her iconic 21st birthday party.

He recreated Grande’s signature pony on four Elle editors and for the editors’ with straight and fine hair he put in extensions. Their ponies weren’t as high and full as Grande’s so we can only imagine how many sets of extensions are in her hair.

We don’t blame everyone for wanting to get on Grande’s ponytail level.

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