Fall In Love With The Official ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2018 Drinking Game







What’s better than being in love? Being drunk and watching crazy, hot people try and fall in love? Yeah, I believe the latter is better.

Thankfully we have Bachelor in Paradise to soothe our reality TV hearts and this drinking game to soothe our sober minds.

If you love watching abnormally hot people say the word “journey” over and over again while making out, this is the show for you. If that’s not your thing, well it will be shortly. The only way to make BiP better is by drinking.

BiP is in its fifth season and it looks like it’s going to be a doozy. For starters, there is Tia and Colton. Tia and Colton dated before Colton was shipped off to film Becca’s season of The Bachelorette. She claimed to be totally over him and it’s not a big deal they weren’t even serious! Cut to the end of the season when she told Becca she has feelings for him. This caused lots of Twitter drama.

Now the two are on BiP¬†together and we for sure won’t hear the last of those two. We respectively didn’t put down “Drink every time Tia says ‘Colton'” because we love drinking, but we don’t want liver damage.

Bachelor In Paradise

Outside of the Tia and Colton drama, there is Jordan and David from Becca’s season in the house together. Jordan, a dumb but harmless model with great one-liners, got continually attacked by David, a guy who dressed up like a chicken, during The Bachelorette. Based on the trailer it looks like the two get caught in a love triangle so we can’t wait to see how poorly that pans out.

Then out of the left field, Leo the long-haired stuntman¬†gets set off by Bachelor Nation’s favorite Joe The Grocer. We are expecting lots of surprises this season.

Find out below how to drink your heart out, while watching others go on their journey of love.

Take a sip when…

Someone cries.

Chris Harrison asks someone how they’re feeling.

A crab is shown on the screen.

A couple is sitting on a day bed.

Someone says the word “journey.”

Take two drinks when…

A couple kisses.

Jordan talks about modeling.

Krystal acts like Krystal (use your own discretion, you’ll know when).

Yuki appears on the screen.

Finish your drink if…

Tia and Colton kiss.

A fight breaks out.

David insults Jordan or vice versa.

A couple has sex.

Drink all the alcohol in your house if…

Colton loses his virginity.

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