What Sleeping In Your Makeup Really Does To Your Skin

We have all slept in our makeup–especially after a night out. While giving your face a good scrubbing may not seem like a priority when you are super tired, it is important for the health of your skin and eyes. Read on to find out five possible results of sleeping in your makeup.


Foods That Are Bad For Eczema


This is the most obvious consequence in snoozing in your contour. Not removing your foundation and powders will clog your pores and lead to an increase in pimples and blackheads. Yuck!

Dry Skin

Foods That Are Bad For Dry Skin


Leftover makeup residue can seep into your skin and prevent your favorite moisturizer from properly doing its job. Also, lipstick can be removing the moisture from your lips, leaving them chapped and irritated if not washed off properly.

Eye Irritation & Infection


Dryness, redness and infection are all likely consequences of sleeping in your amazing eye-look.



Sleeping in your makeup can lead to collagen breakdown–and skin that will age more rapidly.

Eyelash Problems



Gross warning! If you sleep in your eye makeup, your eyelash follicles and oil glands can become clogged and result in painful bumps called styes on your eyelids. Additionally, left-over mascara can lead to brittle and breakable eyelashes.

Pass me the makeup remover, please!

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