A Viral Tweet Helped A College Student Discover Her Boyfriend Cheated

It’s not every day that a stranger on Twitter helps you uncover your boyfriend’s infidelity, but here we are. This is like a modern day John Tucker Must Die, minus the plotting and scheming.

On August 25 Twitter user @alexxiisj tweeted that some girl named Hannah who goes to school in Dallas, Texas needs to dump her boyfriend. She overheard this stranger’s boyfriend bragging about how often he’s cheated on her.

“dear Hannah the nursing student in Dallas, i heard ur bf @ the taco stand this morning, talking about how many times he’s cheated on u since he’s been back at baylor………he’s trash,” she posted. “dump him.”

Her tweet blew up. It had over 58,000 retweets and over 234,000 likes and counting. The 175 replies are all encouraging this student named Hannah to dump her cheating boyfriend.

People who were from Dallas replied joking that they’re going to be questioning every Hannah they know and meet.

Thankfully through the internet, the real Hannah from Dallas whose boyfriend was at the taco stand saw the tweet. Her name is Hannah LeBeau and she took everyone’s advice, and dumped him!

She responded to @alexxiisj’s tweet on August 26 confirming that she is now single.

“I dumped him, just to update everyone,” she posted.

Her tweet has since over 37,000 retweets and 221,000 likes, almost as many as the original tweet.

LeBeau then joked that she doesn’t have anything to promote (a common thing to do when you have a tweet go viral) but encouraged people to Venmo her a $1 to pay off her student loans from nursing school.

If you go through her Venmo feed, you can see people have been sending her over her cheating boyfriend. The memos on the transactions vary from saying, “f cheaters,” “Men are trash” and “Glad you’re not letting a Warner keep you from living your Elle Woods dreams.”

As of publishing, 47 people have sent her money for her student loans. She even proved that all that cash is going to her student loans and not say a Men-Are-Trash-Let’s-Get-Wasted party

Men are trash but turns out, that the internet isn’t trash.

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