The Student’s Speech About One Direction Is Legendary

It’s been almost three years since One Direction has gone on hiatus and still their fanbase is going strong. One of their avid fans, Mallory Adams is going viral for her love of the boy band.

19-year-old Adams is a sophomore at Utah Valley University majoring in communications. The comms major is enrolled in a public speaking class, something most college students had to endure.

For an about me speech Adams decided to talk about something that she can spend a long time discussing, One Direction. She told BuzzFeed that she’s been a fan of the boyband for six and a half years.

One Direction

“I had 246 posters on my wall when I was 15, and I would do the same today. It’s been the most consistent thing in my life. I’ve traveled to four different states solely for the purpose of seeing the boys, making it a total of six concerts in five different states. These being California twice, Arizona, Vegas, Indiana, and my own state Utah. Unfortunately, I cried my eyes out at every concert.”

For her speech, Adams appropriately wore a One Direction t-shirt and brought props to her speech. During the speech, she said that she’s also attended three Niall Horan concerts and two Harry Styles concerts. She said at a Styles concert the singer held her hand and at one of Horan’s concert he threw her his guitar pick. At that same Horan concert, Adams had backstage passes and got to take a picture with the musician.

Niall Horan One Direction

Adams now wears the guitar pick on a necklace every day and had the photo of her Horan printed on a phone case. If you’re wondering, Horan is Adams’ favorite member.

“My favorite has always been Niall. From day 1, the braces, the blonde hair, iCarly, and EVERY SINGLE RUMOR,” she told BuzzFeed. “I was there loving him through all of it. I don’t think there are many fans out there that feel the love I feel for Niall. He’s always been ‘It’ for me.”

She shared a two-minute clip of her speech on her Twitter and it’s gone viral. The tweet has over 12,000 retweets, almost 50,000 likes and has over 810,000 views.

“This experience has brought me closer to thousands of One Direction fans who have the same passions as me,” Adams told BuzzFeed. ” One Direction is the true inspiration here.”

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