The 5 Best Exercises You Can Do Between Classes

Being a college student is a constant balancing act. You go from one class to another, work on hours of homework, and then your job takes up more time. Where do the 24 hours in a day go? It may seem impossible to exercise in college. Especially when all you want to do is nap during your breaks. However, there are several quick exercises to help you feel energized. Best of all, you won’t lose all your precious time.

You don’t have to spend hours working out at the gym. What if I told you, you didn’t even have to get up to exercise? Take a look at these 5 quick workouts to help you feel productive AND less tense between class.

1. Take The Stairs

Stairs are not appealing. Especially when most class buildings have an elevator conveniently within walking distance of entering. The time you spend waiting with a bunch of other people for the elevator could be spent pushing yourself to take the stairs. You don’t have to jog up them. Let’s face it. Most of us have tried to hide our struggle to catch our breath walking up stairs. Climb an extra flight if you’re feeling up for it. It’s a great cardio workout and your leg muscles will thank you later.

2. Use a Water Bottle As a Weight

You can do these quick exercises sitting down. Use a full water bottle as a weight to ensure you’re getting the most out of your work out. You can do overhead presses, front raises and bicep curls with a water bottle.

3. Do Yoga

Try some yoga poses. Find a spot on the campus lawn or explore a different part of campus away from the crowd. You don’t even need to change into workout clothes.  Spend anywhere from 5-15 minutes breathing and doing simple yoga poses. Not only will yoga stretches help relax your body but they will also help de-stress your mind.

4. Do Arm Workouts While Walking to Class

You can pack small weights in your backpack. Walking while lifting weights is a simple way to keep your body active. Again, full water bottles also work if you don’t have weights. Don’t forget to stay hydrated! You can also pack a jump rope in your backpack to use wherever you find space on campus.

5. Take the Long Way to Class

It makes sense to want to take the direct route to class. Or maybe you even found a shortcut behind a building and through the bushes. Try taking the long way to class from time to time. Leave yourself enough time to enjoy a different side of campus. Walking an extra 10 minutes will help you sneak in those extra steps.