Justin Bieber Serenaded Hailey Baldwin In The Streets Of London

The uber-famous Justin Bieber was videotaped on the streets of London performing. Bieber and his fiancée Hailey Baldwin are currently in London for Fashion Week. They had some time off and spent it sightseeing the city and taking their PDA fest worldwide.

The couple was outside Buckingham Palace when Bieber decided to pull out a guitar, pop open his guitar case and serenade the crowd and Baldwin.

The singer, clad in an oversized tie-dyed hoodie and black shorts, perched himself on the Queen Victoria Memorial fountain outside the Palace and began strumming his guitar.


His acoustic guitar was decorated with doodles. It says purpose, smile, his initials, a cross, a star and more drawn on it.

He played “Cold Water,” his song with Major Lazer and Mø, to the crowd. He also popped open his guitar case so people could throw in some donations, but it looks like no one did. Which is fair considering he is rich.

Baldwin was in the crowd proudly filming her future husband alongside the lucky tourists who were also checking out Buckingham Palace at the same time. They got a free concert and thankfully recorded his performance and posted it.


The two aren’t keeping a low profile this summer. They’ve been photographed out and about everywhere. They not so discreetly went to the New York City courthouse to pick up a marriage license. This spiked tons of rumors that they already got married.

Besides their marriage license stunt, they’ve been photographed kissing in public, having emotional meltdowns and even getting engaged. Their whirlwind romance has been heavily documented by fans and the paparazzi.

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