Justin Bieber Breaks Down Crying Mid-Bike Ride With Hailey Baldwin





Newly engaged Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have been traipsing around New York City this summer as young lovers do. They’ve been spotted making out at various restaurants, flaunting their relationship to the paparazzi and being stranded on the side of the road on the way to the Hamptons.

The love fest continued on August 7, but instead of heavy PDA Bieber was seen crying into Baldwin’s shoulder. The two rented some CitiBikes and were biking around Manhattan’s Upper West Side when the singer began to cry.

The 24-year-old was visibly weeping while his 21-year-old fianceƩ comforted him.


The two were mid-bike ride when they stopped to discuss something very emotional for Bieber. The couple sat on a low stone wall discussing whatever the issue was. Their conversation ended up with Bieber dropping his head in his hands and sobbing, while Baldwin consoled. Eventually, Bieber cried into Baldwin’s shoulder while she comforted him.


The couple eventually rode off and ended up at a cafe where their emotional conversation continued. They were seen crying and holding each others’ faces. Wonder what they were talking about that was so emotional.


The couple got engaged on July 7 while vacationing in the Bahamas. Bieber proposed with an oval-shaped ring that cost a cool half a million. The couple first met back in 2009 when Baldwin’s father, Stephen Baldwin introduced them. In 2014 the two were rumored to be dating but continually said they were just friends. They were seen hanging out all the time and attending church together.

In 2016, after celebrating New Year’s together, they finally confirmed that they were together. Their relationship was still very lowkey without any labels. They ended up breaking up in August 2016. In 2018 they rekindled their relationship.

Bieber hinted that their wedding is going to happen soon, at least before Bieber drops new music.

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